What can I expect in week 4?


You’ve hit the nail on the head.
But also because I am the only cook. I don’t want to cook a huge meal when I come home from work now.
Normally I would do a big one pot meal when I get home from work…
But now I might just do pork belly and broccoli and she doesn’t see that as a meal.


Batch cook and freeze the extra portions for later.

Invest in some good tupperware!

Get the half price food bargains- it’s becoming my way of life now.
Well worth it.

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Things may change once she sees your progress on keto. It’s not impossible to change family dynamics, you just have to persevere through the resistance phase.

In the meanwhile, is there something easy you can cook up in advance that you could dish out for a meal, or would some pasta or something easily-cooked make it feel more like a meal for her? My sister does that for my father and her kids, making sure that she and I have a keto main dish to eat.


Yeah, that’s exactly what I want to do. We only have a small fridge freezer combo. It is always totally full but I need to turn it around quicker, and actually empty it so I can batch cook more.
Ideally we would like a big double fridge/freezer. In the UK we call them ‘american fridges’. The type where they are about 6foot tall, with 2 doors, one is a fridge, the other side is a freezer with ice maker.
That would mean moving the kitchen around, but that’s the goal for this year.


Absolutely. One step at time, one year at time. Goals…targets…everything else will fall into place.


I just have a normal ‘British’ style freezer, but there’s only Carly (dog) and I, so it suits.

I can see why you may need a chest freezer, or the the big American style vertical freezer, because you have a family.

Either way, it’ll definitely save you money and stress in the long run. :+1:

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Sounds like you have set a realistic and doable goal and given yourself ample time to achieve that. I understand about wanting to experience the culture and “cuisine” here, but I hope you don’t go too far off the rails. With keto, the weight comes back way faster than it goes off. It seems people who regain weight and retry keto sometimes have a harder time losing it. For many of us, our first foray into keto is a gift and the easiest it will be.

Where do you live? Will you be seeing any other attractions while you are in the States?

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WOW; amazing! What I love about this WOE is that I am healing my body from the inside out. The benefits are so much greater than just weight loss.

(Joey) #29

Totally. The various other symptoms I’d chalked up to just “getting older” also disappeared. I have not felt this healthy, energetic, focused or strong since my 20s (and much of that decade remains a blur :wink: )

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Agreed. We have some of the most delicious “food” here, although it’s fake food (bad fat, carbs, sugar, chemicals). No one can eat that way as a lifestyle and not be fat and unhealthy. And my doctor thinks I’m being reckless with my diet.


My decade was 2 -fold. 2 decades.

Mostly ‘fit and healthy’ for both decades, but once I hit 40, I reaped the ‘rewards’ healthwise.


Now bouncing back :smiley:

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I don’t know if you have it available where you are, but we purchased a “small” chest freezer that we keep in the basement. It wasn’t that expensive and it holds a lot. We buy meat in bulk from the discount clubs and break it down into two-serving sizes when we get home. We save a ton of money that way vs. purchasing from the grocery store. The freezer attached to our fridge is pretty small. We restock it with stuff from the chest freezer for convenience so we don’t have to go downstairs.


Yeah,I don’t want to go crazy. Ill do my best, but we are staying in a Disney hotel and I do want to try some of the food I’ve been wanting to try for years.

I’m from Suffolk,UK.
We are staying at disney Florida for 2 weeks. We are hoping to see the rodeo and medieval times, maybe see kissamee, do some shopping etc. We won’t be travelling too far. It’s a once in a lifetime holiday and we are not paying. My dad has been saving for years and it treating us all to a holiday.

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Unfortunately I have no exciting trips in my near future. If I did, and there was food I absolutely had to try, I think I would still order my keto meal, and then sample bites of what others are having, or order sides and have a small sample then pass on.

Every time I venture too far outside the lines, I regret it by the way my body reacts. Sometimes violently.


Yeah that’s a really good plan.
I’ll try to get in to that mindset of having a bit of everyone elses, rather than having one of my own.

There are 7 of us, so I might eat for free that way!

Though I have seen at my hotel they do half a roast chicken with any 2 sides for $13.
I was planning to get that and save the leg for breakfast.


Yes, we can get them fairly cheap. But we don’t have a basement. I would have to have it upstairs in the spare room. But it is an option.
Freezers are very cheap 2nd hand because it costs us a lot of money to get rid of them. We have to pay to throw stuff like that away.

(Marianne) #38

I hope your trip is all that you hope it will be!!!


Disney can be notoriously hard to stay keto. However, I’ve had great success there by doing alot of menu researching beforehand. You don’t want it to be 4:30pm and start wondering where you’re going to find a keto dinner for 5:00pm. I also found that the staff there will go out of their way (within reason) to accommodate special dietary needs/requests. I never use the word “allergy” because that’s unfair to the staff that then needs to be super diligent, but I use words like “preference” and “trying to avoid” and things like that.

One thing I haven’t looked at in years is whether their turkey legs are keto or not. I know there was a debate about the brining/brown sugar, but when I had one, I stayed in ketosis (tested via blood meter) and the skin didn’t taste sweet (just smoky).

Finally, depending on where you’re staying, if you have a kitchen, check out Garden Grocer (https://www.gardengrocer.com) and arrange for a food delivery the day you arrive to stock up. If you’re going to be there 14 days, you’d get off on the right foot with a bunch of stuff (for me, bacon, guacamole, string cheese, hot dogs, pickles, etc.) that is keto friendly. That way, if you strike out, meal-wise, at the park and can’t find anything keto-friendly, then you can say “I’m fasting until I get back to the room.” Knowing I had something keto-friendly waiting for me was huge in being able to not cave in and eat something I shouldn’t because I had no other choices.


P.S. One of the best steaks I have ever had (a delmonico) was here in Orlando: https://www.delmonicositaliansteakhouse.com/menu-orlando/