What became of ketovangelist /ballistic health podcast?

(Dan) #1

Does anyone know what has become of the ketovangelist /ballistic health podcast? I haven’t seen a new episode in several months.

(⚕ lowcarb.skrinak.com ⚕) #2

I dropped their podcast just as they changed their format to their more holistic approach. All the informal banter was frustrating enough, and there’s no shortage of podcast content elsewhere.

Looks like it is still active?

(Dan) #3

Yeah, I think I saw about six episodes after they changed the name and format. Then it just seemed to stop, unless I’m having some issue with my podcast app. But, as you say, there are lots of other low carb/health podcasts!


They put up a new episode three days ago (a Ketocon 2019 recap). Not that I’ve actually listened to it - there are many other podcasts which I give higher priority to.

(Mark Rhodes) #5

No idea but it seems that Danny is really stepping up his independent game with “fat fueled family” “keto counterculture” and “muscleintelligence” ( which is carb cycling for bodybuilders).

As far as podcasts my current top two are Peak Human with Brian Sanders and Ketogeek with Fahad Ahmad.

(Dan) #6

I listen to Ketogeek. I’ll have to check out Pezk Human, Thanks!

(Dan) #7

Another good podcast is Low Carb MD (Drs. Brian Lenzkes and Tro Kalajian).

(Mark Rhodes) #8

Never heard of that. I’ve got a thousand mile trip to #ketofest2019 starting Wednesday, I’ll give it a go.

(Dan) #9

I’m jealous! I went to Ketofest last year and had a great time. Can’t make it this year, but plan on being there in 2020.

(Dan) #10

OK, I just listened to the first part of the new podcast… 15 minutes to explain that Brian has gone back to a full time It job. Not sure if there will be more podcast.

(Mark Rhodes) #11

Thanks for that. Now I feel comfortable asking Danny Vega.

(Mark Rhodes) #12

well Dan, that be me and the 2Dudes and one dudette!

(Dan) #13

Sure, rub it in! :wink:

(Mark Rhodes) #14

:sunglasses: nah. Thought maybe we would recognize each other. It’ll be different this year. The Holiday Inn is not being used for Fasting friday, and neither is the school hosting the podcasts.

(Dan) #15

Hope they have a good turnout and carry on in 2020.

(Mark Rhodes) #16

I have heard we have similar numbers to last year. I won’t know for sure until I see Daisy.