What are your meat money-saving tips?


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(Annie Bakaleinikoff) #82

I do to much local high-end grocery store on Sunday, late in the day. They mark down all kinds of meat with a day or so left on the “sell by” date. I being it home, portion it out, and stick it in the freezer.

(Brandy Leigh) #83

Does everyone follow using grass fed meat?

(Ryan) #84

I totally agree! I can make $20 last for a week but if I’m eating out, $20 barely lasts 2 days!

(Brian) #85

I like grass fed meat when I can get it at a reasonable price. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t. Unfortunately, money is not unlimited. And selection is not always as plentiful as I’d like it to be. I do the best I can and don’t fret over it.


(Laurie) #86

I live on a rural island where the pigs and cows really do eat grass, and the meat I buy is from animals I recently saw grazing. I’m spoiled. But I’m also poor.

I don’t trust the labels that say the animals eat this or that. For example, the “organic” ground beef at Costco costs about the same as what I buy from the local farmer. But I don’t know what the organic label really means, or how the animal was raised.

So when I buy meat at Costco I just get the cheapest meats (usually pork roasts, cheap ground beef, etc.), which are about 1/3 the price. There is a brand at another store that’s supposed to be free from antibiotics and so on; I might buy that if it’s marked down (i.e., nearing the sell-by date).

(Ken) #87

No, grass fed is not a Keto Rule. Its a personal choice. It has no effect on Lipolysis, as opposed to grain finished meat.

(Doug) #88

Right on, Laurie. I know not everybody eats pork, but pork roasts and loins are almost always a comparatively great bargain.

(prateeksha877) #89

Buying meat or any product from sale would be really cheaper. To save huge money you must think hard to come over all your wishes. Pick the best from the rest with pocket friendly discounts from sale.

(Marianne) #90

Luckily, my husband and I prefer pork - pork steaks or boneless pork ribs are wonderful. I have found that the use of a meat thermometer helps to cook it correctly, otherwise it can be dry. I think that is the main reason why a lot of people don’t like it. If we have a leaner cut like boneless pork ribs, I supplement it with bacon fat or a cheese or alfredo sauce. So good!


Has anyone ever used foodservicedirect ? I love chicken livers and can’t find anything bulk locally, they also have frozen shitake mushrooms, which I love just fried in butter or in omelettes or as steak or chop topper… every description of meat… all bulk and good prices. Sourced from a variety of growers… I’m close to ordering the chicken livers, mushrooms and perhaps a beef or pork item… Just wondering if anyone has any experience with it.

(Jane Suzanne Stewart) #92

7.14.2020 Organ meat is supposedly less expensive and really good for you. I have unpleasant memories of beef liver as a child, so I thought I’d give chicken livers a try, but cannot find them in stock anywhere. Suggestions? Anyone have luck finding them?