What are your meat money-saving tips?

(Becky) #41

Thanks! I’d like to can it, because I don’t have freezer space for it.

(Jo O) #42

You might check with your ag extension service (county or state). They’ll have data on what needs to be done.

(Togipeidia) #43

Go hunting and fishing go to wholesale market or restaurant suppliers and buy you meat and cut it yourself. Buy no show meat at the butcher or buy sides of beef from the butcher or a farm.

(Trish) #44

I use an app called flipp and shop at stores that price match. I get all the sales without having to go to all the stores.

(Renee Slaughter) #45

I buy the reduced meat at my local store. They are often priced 50% off. This way my hunni and I enjoy steak, pork chops and fish. I save a bundle. I also look for sales and buy in bulk whenever. We carefully manage on 100.00 per week.


It should be noted that you can buy rolls of those “50% off” stickers on eBay for cheap. Since I did that I’ve been getting much better deals on meat lol

(Renee Slaughter) #47

Lol too funny. Gotta try that.


Big Green Egg XL.

(Andrew Anderson) #49

The big green egg may be the favorite purchase of my entire life. It is the Keto game changer. I need an extra fridge for the meat I’ve been curing to smoke! Not cheap to get started but is paying dividends now.

(Rahul Ratra) #50

I see a lot of people mentioning from buying from wholesale shops. I purchased chicken yhighs from costco, but after thawing by keeping the packet close to 20hours in refrigerator, when I opened the packet, it smelt very stale chicken. Any tips on how the experienced people here thaw there chicken??

(Sophie) #51

I always vacuum seal my meats into smaller packages for freezing. When I need to thaw anything quickly, I place the package in a sink filled with cold water and change out the cold water about every 30mins until whatever it is becomes thawed. If I don’t need it until the next day, I just put it in the fridge overnight.

Maybe you got a bad package of chicken. :slightly_frowning_face:

(Tammy Kidd) #52

We have a 6 ft chest freezer so when i catch meat on sale i buy it up and package it for the freezer. I have a local butcher also that i have known all my life ( i am called the bacon lady) that i visit once a week and he gives me discounts for buying in bulk.

(Diane) #53


Do you like the ground beef at Cash n Carry. I just discovered one in my area and am trying to find the best things to buy there.


(Ken) #54

80/20 pork trim is 1.29/lb. at my wholesaler. The larger pieces get roasted, the smaller ones chopped and stir fried. 50/50 trim gets made into bacon. Chicken skins are .99 /lb. by the case. 73/27 hamburger is $1.79 per lb. Lot’s of other things as well, all by either 40 or 60 lb. cases.

Since I’ve been buying from them for a while, I order four or five days ahead so they can take the stuff out of the freezer and put it in the cooler. That way it’s thawed enough for me to repackage and refreeze when I get home.

(Not needed) #55

Best meat savings tip- you really don’t need much. Eggs are superior.

(Diane) #56

What’s the name of the wholesaler where you buy your chicken skins. I’ve been looking locally.

(Ken) #57

I buy the from a small, local wholesaler out here in rural Iowa. I suggest you ask some restaurant, or local grocer type owners for the name of theirs. If you’re in a larger city there’s got to be one around. If you live in the country, most locker, processors, or meat markets can either provide contact info or order stuff in for you-.


Last week I got a very large carrier bag of free lamb bones from a trendy London butcher.
I made 1.5ltr of bone broth.
The meat, and there was quite a bit of it, was still tasty. So picked it over to remove all the little bits of bone. Then I added curry (home-made Sambhar) powder, salt, and some chopped chillies. To keep it together I added two eggs and a small amount of psyllium husk and made 30 small spicy meat balls which I fried and have now frozen.
Oh, and half the bones are also frozen as I didn’t have a pot big enough for the lot.

(Kevin Van Dorn) #59

Can you beat 8 lbs of perfectly portion controlled meat for $20?

(Kevin Van Dorn) #60

10 lbs of nice and fatty chicken for $6.50