What are you planning for your Christmas meal?


so agree on this. we all walk diff. times thru our lives as we change and others have to come into play!! good post.

I will eat your plate or cracklings and you will wonder who did that…hey me HAHA

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My mother grew up during the Great Depression, so if they had food, they didn’t waste it. Growing up, we learned to eat what she set before us, or we didn’t eat. No picky eaters in our house, lol!


Love it!


very big truth in that statement!

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To Mom’s credit, we didn’t have to take any of the food we didn’t really like, although if it was a new food, she might make us try a tiny amount. (Beets, ugh!) She never loaded us up and made us eat it all.

But what she did insist on was that, if we put it on our plate, we had to finish it. In retrospect, that seems fair.


beets! ugh big ick for sure when they tried to feed me that too HA


Oh that’s more convenient to me, I will do it like that next time… I used to make it with cream instead of sour cream but the latter is way more available, cheaper and lasts longer after opened (and doesn’t trigger coffee drinking for days). And I don’t need as much lemon juice either…
Cream still have some amazing flavor but mascarpone (the only cream cheese I can get easily) is from cream too so it should be enough… And I actually know that mascarpone mixed with sour cream is great, it reminds me a store-bought retro dessert very much. I loved that as a kid.


Beets :heart_eyes:

We always had lots of food but I still learned not to waste it ever. And I wasn’t choosy though Mom quickly learned that I won’t eat dark green leaves :slight_smile: But whatever she cooked, I ate it. (Except the bread in water, that was only her beloved food, I considered it a super bad idea. Not just water, there were other things in it, it varied what exactly but you can do anything with water and bread together, I will hate the stuff. Very traditional peasant food here I think.
And I didn’t eat pork fat tissue without meat either. But almost anything else.)

Not to me if it must happen very soon. What if I suddenly don’t want more? (Rarely happened to me, I always polished my plate as a child I think but a whole plate of food was very little compared to my meals, it probably matters.) We should try to get the right amount but it’s not always that easy. I remember the times when I had 6 bowls of soup at a time :slight_smile: But I imagine one should grab food in time in some families or else the siblings ate up the more tempting ones.
But of course one should eat whatever is left later. Good thing fridge is an old invention.


I honestly have no idea how it would turn out but what you’re describing I am sure I would enjoy, and yes, I’m sure everyone, my SO’s family included would wonder how on earth I could eat it, but I have been wanting to try such an experiment for quite some time, a non sweet cheesecake.


I remember eating beets as a child once a year when we were all gathered at gran’s. I loved those beets, they went so incredibly well with the meats, I also really enjoyed the pickles and the cranberry gravy, it was just pure heaven.


My gran was the same. And as a child, if my brother and I didn’t like what she was serving up for dinner or breakfast her usual reply would be, well then you can go hungry till your next meal. That said I always loved her cooking and she both baked and cooked so many delightful dishes I hardly ever had any complaints and we certainly didn’t starve in her house, I remember supper could include hot cocoa and freshly baked buns with butter or jam, fond memories, but I don’t miss those high carb foods anymore, and gran had t2 diabetes, so that way of eating (sugary foods galore) wasn’t beneficial to her in the slightest.

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We did the equivalent of your Christmas meal, today with my family. 4 different homemade desserts and all the sides you can imagine.
I had brisket.
They think I’m nuts.


It’s the most wonderful day of the year for a fast.

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Being a carnivore and a traditionalist I am going to do roast turkey with roast potatoes, bread sauce, high sugar gravy, sweet corn, and peas…. Minus the peas, sweet corn, gravy, bread sauce, and roast potatoes.


Hi Robin. Had to look up what brisket was, it looks delicious. My SO’s family would probably be the same way about how I am eating. My mother in law was a bit shocked when I told her I was on a high fat, low carb diet. But my body no longer seems interested in any carbs anymore and on several days I’ve even omitted eggs and just had meat. This because my body now seems to request it and I’m eating intuitively, the only dairy I have is the cream in my coffee and the butter I cook with. Crazy how the WOE changes you.


Well I’d certainly fast from morning to make room for our big christmas meal in the afternoon as that always makes it so much more enjoyable🙂


Just out of curiosity, how do you keep your turkey from ending up dry? We’ve chosen a pork roast this year and lamb chops for the fat, taste and crackling. Whenever we’ve done turkey in the past it’s always ended up dry so we always required plenty of stuffing, gravy, etc.


same here. I dumped dry ol’ ick turkey from my life. But that is ME, some can make a fab turkey and enjoy the heck out of it. Wasn’t long into our lives as kids that mom and dad said screw the turkey and made a prime rib standing roast or we had big filet mignon cuts. But yes turkey came back every now and then at holidays and us kids were like, ick, turkey, pass the gravy to soak up some moisture into this thing HAHA

I think maybe, but I don’t cook turkey so…maybe most people overcook the darn thing? No clue on it tho HAHA

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I don’t celebrate holidays, so I’ll eat regular food.

Just had to chime in on beets. As children, we had to eat what we were given. There were lots of things I didn’t like, but beets were truly horrible.


kinda taste like dirt to me when I was force fed a beet back in the day HA