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I’m sure this is going to be confusing when you first log on … especially if you’ve come from FaceBook but it will make sense. Eventually you’ll probably find it so easy to use and you’ll forget how horrible FaceBook was.

The first difference between the forum, and Facebook is that on Facebook we had to have an admin manually let everyone in. And our admins had to work hard to make sure that spammers were kept out of the group, and if they got in that they were identified and walked out.

Here anyone can create an account but they have limits that make anti-social behaviour like spamming difficult. Over time as you use the forum and engage you will slowly get access to more features, eventually if you are here long enough you will have administration functions and you can flag and move posts, and hang with administrators in a special area only available to admins.

By empowering regulars who engage with the forum to help us handle some admin functions, we can hopefully scale up to hundreds of thousands or millions or members.

Until we have a critical mass of empowered users we will start with our Admins from our FaceBook group, who are now mostly on this forum as well and are all members of the group @2kd_admin

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@Nak NaKeisha
@Daisy Daisy
@erdoke Gabor
@LouiseReynolds Louise
@carolT Carol
@larry Larry
@Donna Donna
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@julie Julie
@Theresa Theresa
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@Kassie Kassie
@matt Matt
@george.dowker George
@Sandra Sandra
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@siobhan Siobhan

I’ll let them each add their own bio in this pinned thread …

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As mentioned, my name is Siobhan and I went by Siobhan Noyb on Facebook (Huggins is my real last name).
I am a 21 year old female in Indiana, am 5’1" and have been keto since August 8th 2016. I was introduced to the WOE (way of eating) via my mom, Rebecca. I had struggled with bored eating, weight, controlling portions, high blood pressure, and pre-diabetic levels of blood sugar pre-keto.

Since then my blood pressure is normal, blood sugar hovers around 70-75 when fasted, and I’ve gone from 221 (about 100kg) to 187 (85kg) and am still steadily losing.
I no longer eat when I’m bored, eat usually one meal a day, and can easily fast for 3 days without really having to think about it.
Best of all I eat plenty of delicious, healthy food and eat instinctively (I.e. when I’m hungry and don’t really track anything).

I love research, and finding out how and why things work the way they do and the evolutionary reason behind them. Thanks for having me, and allowing me to be part of this wonderful community. :slight_smile:

(Larry Lustig) #5

Welcome ketogenic eaters, and the keto-curious.

I’m a 54 year old software developer living in New York, married with two teenage children.

Unlike the founders of this group and many of the other admins, I was never diagnosed with diabetes. Instead, I found keto at around the same time I had a blood test that indicated I had tipped over into a pre-diabetic state. At the same time, I knew that I needed to lose 10 or 20 pounds (although what I really needed to lose was 40 or 50 pounds) and I recognized that I had an eating related problem – I couldn’t stop, and I’d eat so much at a meal that an hour later I needed to put my head down at my desk.

I found keto through the 2 Keto Dudes podcast which is hosted by the same two gentlemen who founded these forums. Their “show me the science” and “question the evidence” approach appealed to me and I decided to, essentially, outsource my research to them.

Since starting on keto I’ve lost 45 pounds, I feel (and look, although that’s less important) much better, and my HbA1c test has retreated from the pre-diabetic range.

So jump on in, we welcome anyone who wants to get control of their health through the ketogenic way of eating.


Hello! I live in Seattle with my husband and our cat and dog (our babies). I started keto on May 1st, 2016 after reading Jason Fung’s Obesity code. I’ve lost 35 pounds so far and love all the delicious food possible on this way of eating. It’s been kind of a miracle for me since I was never able to stick to a diet for more than a day or 2.

I’m an avid hiker and backpacker,and love the sustained energy I get from keto.

Keep calm and keto on!

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Hi I’m matt. I post a lot of crappy food pics.

So I was worried about my health and checked my blood pressure. It was 170/110. I panicked and called around until I could get a Dr appt that day. Went in and got back on BP meds and got a blood test. Time passes and I get the call. I have diabetes. My blood glucose was 172 and my HbA1c was 7.4. It was time to fix things so I went low carb. Some time later I was out hiking and put on a podcast I heard about. It was 2KetoDudes and the Episode was “Mad as Hell”. I was hooked. I decided that keto was what I needed to be doing so I jumped in. I joined the FB group and I binge listened to all the podcasts. I posted so much that I think the dudes got tired of me and made me an admin to keep me close.

I lost 40 pounds. I was never large. I was the classic TOFI (thin outside fat inside).

When it came time to get my blood work done again all my numbers had improved and I was no longer diabetic. Can’t beat that. Keto is the best and the Dudes are the best at making it easy to understand. The group rocks and we have an amazing admin team. I am so honored to be a part of this!

I am married to an amazing gal named Chris and have 3 daughters. I have a dog and cat. I love hiking and cooking. I am a smartass.

That’s my story.

(Meeping up the Science!) #8

Hi! My name is Donna, and I am 39. I live in the Chicago metropolitan area, but originate from the East Coast. I first started with Protein Power as my low carb guide well over 15 years ago, when I first had weight issues. I did well on this for some time, and studied martial arts and other widgets. After MRSA almost killed me I ballooned up to 750 pounds and had to do something or die. I got my butt into counseling and began the process of low carb once again, this time going zero carb (2008). Lost 200 pounds the first year. Struggled another few years with low carb. Finally got weight loss surgery at 440 pounds. Today I am just under 300 (finally) with more to go. I went from being completely bedridden and disabled to getting a graduate degree in counseling psychology. I use my background in biochemistry to compliment this. I am about to sit for my clinical licensure.

I am an agnostic secular Buddhist. I’m also a total research nerd. I am very pro-science. Much of my own research has revolved around human sexuality, as well as gender roles, however I have branched out to study food addiction, eating disorders, and disordered eating in general.

Dislikes: Nazis, vegemite, lines at ATMs, writing bios, and also New Jersey.
Likes: Cats, dogs, fuzzy hats, board games, creative cursing, BTVS, Star Trek, Sims 4.

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Gidday! My name is Louise, and am 46, living with my partner and three teenage boys (blended family) in Adelaide, South Australia.

My weight story began with my unhappy first marriage unravelling in the late 90s early 2000s, where I ballooning to nearly 300lbs (134kg) by early 2012. Having spent my 30s and early 40s as ‘a big girl’, I decided to go for weight loss surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) after trying all manner of diets and exercise regimes: Jenny Craig, Dukan, shakes, Weight Watchers with all some loss and the inevitable regain plus extra. The eat less move more was an exercise in futility as I was trying so hard to do the right thing. Weight loss surgery then got me down to 200lbs (90kgs) but was then still higher carb and exercising to try and get those lose stubborn pounds.

It was my mom who went low carb high fat (LCHF) during 2015 and introduced me to this way of eating (and the podcast) along with keto. What a revelation! Not only has it helped me, my new partner and our family regain control of various health issues. My partner was found to be pre-diabetic when having some tests for with various respiratory symptoms, and one of our teenage boys who has gastric symptoms (eonsinophilic oesphagitis) related to ‘leaky gut’. Having had a bad motorcycle accident, keto has helped me manage inflammation related to my injuries for better pain relief and management. I am now 160’ish lbs (73kg) but am wishing to shred some body fat and bulk some muscle to help strengthen my injuries.

Like the Dudes and many of the other Admins (like Donna), I am an evidenced based health practitioner (former EMT / paramedic - now university lecturer) and the mantra of ‘show me the science’ works well for me in understanding how this way of eating heals. The benefits are endless - and wish you all to Keep Calm and Keto On!


I’m Carol from Florida.

I was yo-yo dieting for 30 years, losing as much as 60 lbs each time, and getting fatter every time through the loop. I was able to lose weight by doing lots of cardio and calorie restriction, but it was unsustainable. So, just like the Biggest Loser, I’d put all the weight back on and then some. I would get to a point where I was incredibly uncomfortable and unable to do the things I enjoy, then go back on a diet.

Eventually menopause hit, and the things I used to do to lose weight no longer worked no matter how hard i did them. My waistline was huge compared to the rest of me. I was hungry all the time. My mood swings were horrible and the hot flashes kept me awake at night. I bought a glucose meter for the first time in my life. My father is an insulin-dependant type-2 diabetic, and I was in denial about where I was headed. I could barely get my glucose below 100, and when I did I was hangry. Very, very hangry.

I had to do something. I had tried Atkins back in the 90’s, but never made it past the keto flu stage. The leg cramps kept me from riding my bike. I was convinced that you needed to be high carb for performance. Then I read Peter Attia’s blog, and it became clear that I needed to commit to keto for at least 90 days to give it a fair evaluation, and maybe even see a performance boost eventually.

The first week on keto, I had severe carb withdrawal. But this time I went into it fully aware and determined to succeed. I was desperate. I persevered. I read everything I could get my hands on about keto.

Now I’m finally able to eat and not gain weight, even if I don’t feel like doing any exercise. If I do ride my bike or hike, all I need is some salty water. No Clif bars, no sugar water, no carb loading! Oh and all my biomarkers are fantastic besides my LDL, which I don’t really care about given my HDL and TG results. My mental function and focus is vastly improved. My joint pain is vastly decreased.

I’m happy to share what I’ve learned (so far!) with others who could benefit from keto and save themselves a lifetime of struggle.


(IDM Educator) #11

Hi. I’m Brenda Zorn. You can hear my story on 2KetoDudes.com podcast episode #21.
I cured myself of T2DM with the ketogenic diet. I have been ketogenic since Feburary 2014. My A1c was 12 and my triglycerides were 1200.
Here are my latest labs received 12-31-2016.

I wanted to say THIS about the transition from Facebook to this forum:

What is exciting is this: Ketogenic Forums (Carl and Richard’s forum name) will explode. It will grow exponentially over the years and be capable of serving thousands


Millions of people.

…and that is exciting as hell.

We will be able to serve, and HELP, literally millions of sufferers of metabolic diseases, especially T2DM (which is Carl, Richard, and my SPECIFIC passion. We reversed ours with the ketogenic diet!)


… watch us grow. Watch these guys take the ketogenic diet and present it to the world!

I may not have every talent, but what I do have is an amazing gift of insight.

I know this without a doubt:
Someday doctors will refer their patients to Ketogenic Forums for current ketogenic information and support. And those same doctors will be accessing our forum for information. Scientific studies. Specific topics.

And find what they need QUICKLY and easily.

They already are.

Yes, it is an amazing thing that Carl Franklin and Richard Morris are doing. They have a very fast growing Facebook group, and they are shutting it down.

It is the most selfless and humble move they have made so far.
Richard explains the reasons very well about WHY 2KetoDudes needs to get off facebook in the 2KetoDudes Facebook group’s pinned post.

Yes, they have a successful podcast.
And think about it- If they were in this for notoriety, the forum name would point to them, their name, and it doesn’t.
It is:
Ketogenic Forums.

Because it was created to serve everyone, not themselves.
Their humility and open-mindedness is the secret to their quick “success” or rather, their following. Their lack of rules. Their absence of dogma.


And a forum can finally support the science and as it evolves. Our forum will encourage individual self discovery and varying points of view. Our forum members will be able to relax and search for information (and present information!) without fear of reprisal.

It is the people’s forum.

Carl and Richard are doing a very selfless thing. They are giving this GIFT to metabolically ill persons all over the world.

It is our passion.

(@CubanBarbie) #12

Hi! I’m Sandra. I’m a Theatre :performing_arts: Arts teacher in New Jersey. I started eating Paleo in May of 2016 and lost 20 lbs. Discovered keto in Early July and quickly made it my summer mission to learn/read all that I could about it. I have been eating keto since Mid-July and have lost a total of 63 pounds - surpassing my goal. 189 lbs to 126 lbs. My students got so excited about my transformation, they’ve given me the nickname “Cuban Barbie”.

For the last 20 years I have struggled with PCOS, insulin resistance, infertility, migraines and severe back pain from injuries. I started to hear labels like “syndrome X” and “pre-diabetic”…I started thinking about weight loss surgery. Keto has relieved me of so much pain. Keto has helped me learn about weight as a hormonal problem - not a calorie and exercise problem!
Thank you Richard and Carl for all the work you’ve done to spread the good word!
I’m so excited to see this community grow, to learn more, and to participate in the fun!

(Meeping up the Science!) #13

Grew up in Livingston, myself. :slight_smile:

(kimhowerton) #14

Hi All!

I’m Kim and have been keto since May 2016.
I spent several years prior to that low carb but not high fat and basically couldn’t take it and went completely back on the carbs, regaining 40 of the 60 lbs I’d lost low carb.

May 2016 I finally had enough. I’d tried keto 2-3 times in the months before that, but I wasn’t super knowledgable yet and was doing it SO WRONG! :slight_smile:

On May 16, I read Keto Clarity… and began. From there I read every keto related book I could get my hands or ears on.

I’ve struggled with weight from the time I was 10, PCOS at 15 and was diagnosed hypothyroid at 35 (had apparently gone undiagnosed for a few decades!)

Keto is helping me get healthy and happy. My food craziness is gone and I am centered and sane in ways I’ve never been.

I’m 40. Live in Berkeley, CA!