Welcome back ya'all

(Ron) #1

Anyone else feeling anxious when the site is down?? Reminds me of craving a cigarette in my smoking days, Lol. Guess I have matured since then if my habit is now just a Keto forum. At least a whole lot healthier! :crazy_face::rofl:

(Alec) #2

Yo, we’re back… I was starting to get worried… :clap::clap::clap::clap:

(Ron) #3

Yeah, me to Alec! Hoping it stays a while this time. :crossed_fingers:

(Fay Howell) #4

yesssss… its been a week now and everyday i jones just checking on the site !!!lol

(Richard Morris) #5

It’s still running out of disk space. We keep deleting logs to make more space. But we have to move it to better hardware. Now I have finished my degree I have time to focus on it. Sorry about all the downtime.


Just good to see you back. Take care and stay well. :bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon:

(Julie ) #7

Glad to see the board back on line :slight_smile:

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #8

The problems we’ve been experiencing lately were the result of the host server’s running out of file storage. Richard has now finished his exams and has some time to deal with the matter. He promises results soon. If you would like to help fund the hardware upgrade, please visit our Patreon page.


Remember you can do a one time donation, not just monthly ones on Patreon.

I would like to suggest temporarily stopping the upload of pictures to the sight, might help with the disk space issues, until the new hardware is in place.