Weird ocular pressure from erythritol


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Hi everyone!! Anyone experiencing throbbing pain (or increase pressure on the eyes) after consuming erythritol? I did experience daily “piercing” effects on my eye (between 3-10 times) since June 2021. Btw, I started the Ketogenic diet back in Feb 2018, and I’ve been using Stevia almost daily. The stevia I’ve been using contains erythritol as the first ingredient (like most stevia products in the market, regardless organic or not).

I tried switching to allulose as an experiment and the pain seems to reduce. Then I tried the stevia/erythritol again, and the symptoms seems to come back after a few days/weeks…

Recently I purchased the Monk fruit (which has erythritol as the first ingredient too) and the weird throbbing pain came back a few times… Will probably monitor a few days, else I have to discard/give away :frowning:

Thanks everyone in advance if you happen to contribute any information~*^^

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Not something I’ve experienced, but anecdotes from forum members indicate that responses to non-sugar sweeteners can be idiosyncratic. You should probably see if you can find your stevia and monkfruit blended with a different sweetener (just remember that xylitol is not safe to have around, if there are dogs in the house).

Stevia is available in the form of drops, and monkfruit may be, as well, I don’t know. They are both such potent sweeteners that is is very difficult to use them without oversweetening, which is the reason for diluting them with erythritol or other sweeteners.

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Thanks for the info :wink:

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I have not had pressure. But when I used sweeteners a lot, my vision felt off. When I stopped, so did the issue.

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I had inflammation issues, along with serious food cravings, when consuming certain sweeteners, including erythritol, on the keto diet. Now I just avoid them all; however, that extreme level is not required for everone. The longer I avoid sweet flavours, the sweeter common foods taste.