Weird Blood Sugar readings

(David ) #1

Hey need some help figuring this out. I have been keto about three months now. In the first 2 months BS readings showed a steady downward trend. Now this last month I can’t quite figure this out. When I have been fasting or actually if I didn’t eat much at all my BS goes way up to 155 or more and stays there. Now if I eat a heavy protein and fat meal my post Blood sugar drops to below 100 and several times as low as 82. Any ideas?

(UsedToBeT2D) #2

Yes. IMHO, Not eating can trigger your liver to produce sugar via gluconeogenisis. I have had the same happen…fasting 3 days and high blood sugar, then eat something and BS goes down. This may subside after your body adapts to ketones for fuel. Give keto a bit longer before extended fasting. Eat more, watch your macros. Don’t starve yourself. Don’t rush things, this is a lifestyle change.

(Bacon is better) #3

If you are fasting, you are not giving your body any energy. Your brain always needs to be fed. If you give it ketones, it will use ketones. But the liver cannot synthesise ketones out of nothing; it needs a supply of fat to partially metabolise (ketones are to fatty acids as charcoal is to wood). It can, however, break down protein to make glucose, so that’s what it does. The brain is happy, and the rest of your body can make use of the glucose, too.

When you refuel with fat, then glucose can drop and ketones can increase. And the protein can be broken down into amino acids, which can then be used to rebuild the proteins that were cannibalised to make the glucose while you fasted.