Weight Maintenance (after large weight loss) topics?

(Karen Parrott) #1

I’d love to have an occasional topic with others about weight maintenance tools and tips post medium or large weight loss. I’m keeping 70 pounds off over 4 years and 11 months. I could see that I had to make significant changes post weight loss because my body fat wants to come baaaaack! LOL.

Seriously, if anyone else wants to start some weight maintenance threads, I’ll participate. Many have no problems maintaining on Keto- yay you. But being obese or overweight age 6-46 means I have to use more tools to maintain.

If you regain post large loss, I hear you. There’s something else at play, know you are not alone.

(Tom Seest) #2

When you lost the 70 pounds, did it all come of quickly or at a consistent pace, or did you lose 10 at a time, then stall, and then repeat? I find the patterns interesting.

In my case, one of the reason I love these stalls every 10 to 20 pounds is they give me confidence that I can maintain…

(Karen Parrott) #3

Hi Tom, Sadly, in 2011, I was about 6 months from finding Paleo/LCHF, Paleo and about 2 years from finding Keto… so I lost weight on a commercial (that which shall not be named, MLM).

I do lose in stair steps or plateaus staying the same for weeks or months, then dropping. Always did even when on WW. I think that’s common. Dr. Westman at LowCarb USA in 2016 alluded to it. He said there’s the initial swoosh, then plateau followed by loss then plateau. He pointed to his lower abdomen and talked about the hormonal effects of weight loss during a big loss and that many of his patients (clients now) experienced it.

Good news is I did a lot of reading and as soon as I was done in early 2012- 70 pounds off in 40 weeks (like a birth in reverse :wink: ) , I started a year long transition through most of 2012 to Paleo lowish carbs, then decreased my carbs until 2014. I attended an Every Day Paleo Workshop- one where Sarah Fragoso and Jason Seib put on in So. Cal.

In 2014, I realized I was high risk for T2D (got my 23nMe results) and in 2015 I went to both PaleoFx in Austin & The NSNG meetup in LA.

In mid-2016, I had put on 5-8 unintended pounds. My doc said menopause 3+ years with my post obesity body was to blame. I have the genetics for “better” fat loss (two copies of the genes for better fat loss with lower fat) when my fat is a little lower so instead of 100grams of total fat and say 72% on my macros, I drop down to 80-85 % fat, maybe mid 65% on my macros and then cycle a bit there, during the week.

I spent some time in that other Keto group that is very strict ( with very good reason) and learned that only adding fat for cooking/flavor and not fatting up my coffee and adding lots of coconut products during weight loss is probably really good for loss for my genes. I had two other large losses besides the MLM, both Low fat at WW, which really stoked my food addiction.

Funny thing is for weight maintenance, I can cycle back up to more of a higher fat area, with good lean results. But I if I want loss, I need to take my fat down 15-20 grams. I still stay keto-ish, but variation seems to be key. Too much fat daily and I do start to gain subcutaneous.

Here’s my 2016 weight graph and you can see defined stair steps, plateaus. Hope this helps. Weight Maintenance has proven to take more adjustments than weight loss ever did. I hope that we can build a subsets of weight maintenance strategies with all of us chiming in so that others may n=1 it to their long term maintenance goals.

(Karen Parrott) #4

Did I mention that I eat 17:7 fasting daily? It seems to really boost my ketones and I can feel myself switching over at about 5pm to burning my own fat when I want to lose weight.

(Karen Parrott) #5

I’d also like to mention that a very great key to my success is/ was not crapping the bed when the scale stayed the same. My food addiction brain comes out to play and says “Oh, this is not working so you might as well eat XYZ”. Instead, I reframed it and said…

“Plateaus are my friend, I will find one and stay on it for my ultimate goal weight and until I get to my ultimate goal weight THIS plateau is normal and welcome and keep calm and Keto On!”