Weight Gain on carnivore

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Thank you. yes I’m really grateful to have been able to go see him and am looking forward to learning as much as I can from him …im hoping to learn more when I get my blood results and continue to move forward…

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Yeah Dr cywes said he was not worried by the ldl being high but was a little concerned that my triglycerides shot way up but he will look at the results of these tests and compare them to those I had in december.

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I’m developing the opinion that the reason many of the successful diets (keto, carnivore, paleo, atkins, whole 30, P:E) work is their common themes of cutting out/down on sugar and PUFAs, coupled with an often increased consumption of saturated fat via the increased meat. (Also maybe to include processing, even minimal such as pressing olives into oil, is an idea I’m grappling with.) A Venn diagram of what do all these things have in common, if you will. The weight loss driver may not be what we think it is, or be the same for everybody–the whole correlation does not equal causation thing. Throw in a healthy dose of pre-existing metabolic damage for many people to really make pinpointing the reason difficult. Success only being reached when someone finds the diet they enjoy and find sustainable.

To be sure keto can be high PUFA, but many of my stall points had higher levels of PUFA intake via nuts and pork. Coincidence? Maybe.


Nuts are often problematic… I’ve read many times they aren’t satiating enough or easy to overeat, I experienced the same.
Pork seems to be great for me - and not for many others. Pork is very different from other pork too… Mine is European pork, breed varies, sometimes it’s from a good farm, sometimes from an unknown farm (through a hipermarket) or not even that… I have no idea about the PUFA content.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #25

It’s certainly true that the proper human diet does not likely include “foods” that have only been a part of our diet for no more than one century out of the tens of thousands of centuries of our evolutionary history. Even agricultural products, which have been around for 120 centuries, appear to be problematical in terms of human health.