Weight gain but no diabetes return

(Marion) #1

I had knee surgery in January and fell in hospital, got a Hill Sachs shoulder fracture, which causes dislocations and I had 3 dislocations in 3 weeks.
Was incredibly fragile for months, cause left knee and right shoulder…and in lockdown was in complete isolation.

Ate lots but stayed with keto diet. No exercise since January 'cause the Physio actually injured me and the gyms shut for a long lockdown here in Sydney. Due to Covid I had no rehab post surgery…crazy situation here with electives flooding through every time surgery starts up, there is a huge backlog.

Point of this rambling story is…I am not fit.
I had blood tests recently after gaining 15kilos and I anticipated I would need to go back onto Metformin due to insulin resistance at a minimum and diabetes probably (assumption based on my weight gain).

Fasting am tests showed my Insulin levels are normal and my HBa1C and fasting glucose are in normal range. So, I am now living and recorded proof that keto works to reverse diabetes EVEN WITH WEIGHT GAIN.
The GP cannot believe it, cause I was type 2 diabetic for years prior to finding keto.

So for any diabetics or pre diabetics with high insulin resistance, stick with it, you can become healthy.
If I can do it (I am 71 yo and not fit at all) anyone can do it!

It is NOT about your weight it is about your food induced metabolic state.

(Laurie) #2

Sorry about your rough year. But thank you for telling us the good news!

(Robin) #3

So much to love here. Congrats! You know how to lose the weight. You got this!

(UsedToBeT2D) #4

Amazing. I’m in pretty much in the same boat. Thanks for the inspiration!


something important going on here…

(Marion) #6

Thank you all so much!

I seem to have largely healed my IBS too…not sure of that but little pain and it used to be a big problem.

I intend to stick with keto, I am so grateful to those writing about it and the 2 keto dudes for broadcasting about it and setting up the forum.

(UsedToBeT2D) #7

I had some sort of IBS too…its been gone for nearly 3 years.


I’m happy that you have a good thing going even after all the hardship. I hope now everything goes well for you!

However, in health and anything else involving big animals like us, the cliche’ “if I can do it, everybody can” doesn’t apply. We’re all very different and our bodies react differently to interventions.