Weight gain after Keto, came back differently? Some other questions

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I have always been a large person, very broad. about 16 years ago I went through the whole caliper tests, etc, about a 20 minute process and I weighed 252 at a lean weight of 235. So morbidly obese by the charts of course, but a decent fat percentage and I can bench press my weight.

My peak weight over the years was 270. Usually I will hover around 260 or so. I tried Keto last year, nothing hardcore, no expensive prepared meals etc, and I went from 267 to 237 in 4 months. I tried to work out a little to keep my muscles, I know that losing collagen can make things look smaller. Since August, Ive put those 30 pounds back on and now I have more of a “gut” than I ever have. It seems the weight came back differently. Has anyone else experienced this?

I really need to get back on it. I need to find some way to get there and be able to eat bread once in a while.

Back in June, At 240lbs, I had a motocross race and I really noticed the difference, I had my best performance in a long time. Except that is, I REALLY felt the reduced ability to store water. I lost the tube to my camel back mid moto and had to literally pull off the track, get it from behind my back and drink half the bag. My mouth felt like it was sticking shut. That was one thing I did NOT like about being lighter and on Keto. Are there any “fixes” for that?

I am 50 years old by the way, and my hips, knee etc are not liking the 30 pounds I put back on, I swear that part of it is worse than before.

Any input is appreciated!

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Something doesn’t add up, sorry! If your lean weight was 235 and your total weight was 252, then your lean mass was 93.25%, which doesn’t sound obese at all. Even as a percentage of 270, that still leaves you with 13% body fat, which is only a tad overweight, but definitely not “morbidly obese.” So either I’m missing something, or there is something mistyped there.

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I think you are in exactly the right place… we can talk nutrition and exercise etc. Just wait… the cavalry is on the way.

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@PaulL BMI: 6’0" / 252 = BMI 34.2 I just guessed 6 feet, if he’s shorter his BMI would be even higher. Just shows how useless BMI when applied to muscular guys.

@robintemplin The problem is most of the folks who have experience managing big muscle mass and ~10% BF aren’t typically browsing the newbie chats. There are big differences maintaining a huge muscular low fat body. Those of us who don’t may find it difficult to imagine. Simple example, he may need to eat way more protein than the rest of us.

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I hadn’t thought of BMI, thanks! And yeah, because 6.75% body fat is by no means obese, whatever the guy’s height.