Weight gain 2 weeks in

(Dee Eichler) #1

I am 2 weeks into keto and have not lost. I know many have to some problem but my question is…
I was on Atkins 1 year ago and could not loose weight. Could this be a.problem with me and low carb diets. I stay under 20 carbs, 65g protein, 108g fat and 1300 calories. I check for hidden carbs and document everything. Help!!


Dee, how old are you, how much do you have to lose, what exactly do you eat and during what hours?

May be it’s a matter of making changes other than staying in your macros, may be the timing of eating or drinking more water or looking into any meds you’re on to see if they cause weight gain, etc.

(Paula Fox) #3

Hi Dee,
I have had success on Atkins and was doing pretty well the first week or so that I tried to do the keto diet. I too am in my second week and have not had any cheats and I have gained all but one pound back that I lost that first week. Super frustrating. I just found this website today and I am uplifted and determined to stick to my guns and make this work. I went through figuring out all the macros I should eat and it looks like you and I should be in the same range, I was getting tips from a few men that have done keto about getting more fats, raising how many calories I eat. Lowering my proteins and I think I sabotaged myself. The first week I was just logging my food on the Atkins website and making sure I was within their ranges. I was doing fine. Then I killed it trying to be an over achiever I guess. So after a bunch of research today, I’m going to concentrate on just staying at the basic stats and hopefully that will work. By the way, I’m a female. 5 Feet tall. 50 years old, I do have some health problems like RA that I have to take weekly shots for. I know that might cause me some difficulties, I occasionally have to take Prednisone for my flare ups but that has been pretty rare lately. I feel pretty good on the keto diet, I’m not hungry, I’m not craving the sweets like I was before keto. Now if I could just see the progress in my weight I would feel like I’m accomplishing things. I guess I’m stubborn and I am looking at this like a challenge that I WILL win. So I plug along and I keep reading and I keep trying. We CAN do this.

(Dee Eichler) #4

Thanks, I am 67 and have since health problems as well. I take heart, cholesterol and thyroid meds. I have about 75 lbs to loose. I had to go to a xmas party and planned to stay I keto but after getting dressed and everything seemed tighter with my clothing I crashed and ate everything I could to punish myself.??. Anyway after reading yr blog I will get on track and start again.
I’m still confused on how much I should and shouldn’t eat. Stay with the macros and just give it more time or change something.
Would love to stay in touch with u.

(Paula Fox) #5

Hi Dee,
I am going to be in a hard spot soon with all of the Christmas goodies. I am going to resist. Well that is what I’m telling myself. We have what we call pig out days at work for an entire week, plus a potluck, plus they are buying us a meal. My scale like I said has not been my friend lately. I really think it was because I was listening to everyone else telling me what to do and not listening to my body. Yesterday I actually stood in the bathroom and cried at what the scale was telling me. No cheats just eating what I’m reading and trying different things and I’ve gained all but 1lb back… Ugh so I started at the basics again. I studied, I found this website, read some of the stuff on here, went to check what they say my macro’s should be and focused on figuring out what is going to work for me. Not for everyone else, just me.
So here’s what I’m going to say because I was in the same mindset that if I’m the same weight I started at, then I’m just gong to enjoy all the crap and then start up again after Christmas.
I think part of the problem is the way we look at food or think of it. What I mean by that is You said “I crashed ate everything I could to punish myself” We should not think of food as a treat to be given or a punishment. It is nourishment for our bodies. That is it. It is the fuel that makes us run just like a car. Right now we need to high octane so we can run better.
Today for my grandsons birthday party, I am going to pocket foods that I know I can eat and snack on so when they pass around food and or the cake (I’m not a big cake person, but I love brownies) I can still have a snack too. I’m going to make it something I love. Brownies… I have cheated and purchased the Atkins brownies to get me over these rough days coming up. Is that optimal on this plan? I’m not sure, but it allows me to feel like I’m having an occasional treat without blowing everything I’m working towards. Not sure if many would approve of that idea, but it is what gets me through the rough stuff of Christmas and allows me to feel like I’m still getting to have treats. There are tons of awesome recipe’s of things you can try, as far as sweets. I have a bunch of pecans that I weigh into 1oz packages and I nibble on that also. Or macadamia nuts.yum!
So all I’m saying is we can do this. Is it going to be easy at this time of year no, but in reality we need to figure out ways to be happy with what we are doing to better our health and feel better. So I will try to stay out of the workroom when all of the food is placed in there. Or I will make sure I bring summer sausage and cheese that I can cut up and nibble on instead of cookies or candies or chips and dip.
I am happy to stay in touch. You can give me a boost when I need it or a kick in the keester when my attitude tanks like yesterday. Today I’m back down to where I had originally lost to. You are welcome to look me up on Facebook if you have one, we can chat there. I am listed as Paula Fox Loos I live in Colorado.
Well I’m off here for awhile, I need to get some bacon cooked and eggs. I like to cook it and have it for a few days so its a quick easy go to if I need a snack or easy meal. Hugs Dee, we can do this.Might take longer and be a bit more difficult do to our health, but I believe we can still make smart choices one day at a time. I really want to lose some weight.

(Karen Royal) #6

My macros
5% Carbs
I fo intermittent fasting.
1st meal 11-12pm
2nd meal 56pm
No snacks
Bo Bulletproof coffee, unless I drink it with one of my meals, otherwise I drink it black.
I eat mostly carnivor, with under 15 carbs, making up veggies, walnuts, yogurts, berries.
I dont have this list of carbs all in one day.
I alternate between them.
If I have 1 cup of yogurt with 5 walnut halves walnuts for my first meal, along with 3 eggs, 1/2 lb of bacon, my second meal will be mostly carnivor.
If I dont have the yogurt, with walnuts or berries in my first meal, I’ll add veggies to my second meal.
I eat about 1400 calories a day.
I had to lower my fats and up my calories I was eating.
I fell below 1000 calories a day, because I wasnt hungry.
I also, had to read all lables for hidden carbs. For I found I was eating well over 20 carbs, thus stalling my process.
I upped my protein too…
Hope this helps

(Paula Fox) #7

Hi Karen,
I have just started reading about the Carnivore diet as I’m not a big veggie person myself. I can force myself to eat a salad, but veggies aren’t really a big part of my diet in general. I think mostly this comes because I use to have the lap band and I focused on eating protein and veggies were just an after thought. I think the hardest part of the macros for me was understanding what exactly is 60% in grams. I’m not a math person so I was struggling a bit until yesterday when I did more reading. I don’t drink coffee. I do like nuts and avocado’s and olives those are no struggle to eat. I can eat get my protein in not a problem, it was trying to figure out how and what to eat for those pesky fats. I do try to portion my food out more throughout the day or I feel like I’m getting hangry :wink: so I eat something small if I start to feel like I’m hungry whether its cheese or nuts. I was well under on my carbs last night and starting to panic that I didn’t get a full 20 carbs in. There are just some days I have no desire to eat all that food and I feel better with just a bit less. I will continue to figure out what works for my body I guess it will be just trial and error.

Yesterday I had 56g of Protein
103g of fat
total of 1249 calories and only 12 net carbs.
but I wasn’t hungry, I feel good today, so I’m going to try to see if I stick around those numbers if that is what will work for my body.
Nice to meet you by the way. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us two challenged newbies… I really need to do more studying about the carnivore thing. I think that sounds like something I can get into. but if I eat a salad occasionally is that bad on carnivore?


(Cindy Ward) #8

Dee, sweetie, that needs to change first! Stop punishing yourself. Seriously. I understand…I’m a bit of a perfectionist myself. I’ve spent years beating myself up about my weight. But you need to find your long-term, POSITIVE reasons for this. If your clothes are a bit tight one day, realize that it’s probably just water retention. You’re not going to see significant weight loss for several weeks PLUS you’re going through a lot of changes. Be kind to yourself.

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I’ll contact u on FB, let’s do it

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How do u know what the right macros are for you? Every calculator give different results

(Todd Batitis) #12

While I understand the lowering your carbs, I am confused about a few things.

With fat being the highest calorie dense macro, it is strange to me that you weren’t eating enough calories on that level. Depending on the makeup of your meals, that could have been a change as well. Perhaps you were eating a little too much fat once your eating window opened?

The other thing that comes to mind is the protein level. With protein still producing an insulin/glucose response, albeit lower than with carbs, are you not seeing any issues with having a similar response even with the lower carbs? Or perhaps the slower response and ultra low carbs are evening out the response.

I have been doing 20:4 IF since June, started Keto in July with 75% Fat/20% Protein and 5% carbs and with a BMR of right around 2,000, am eating between 1800-2400 calories most days in that time frame and am still losing with no exercise, Then again, I am a guy. :slight_smile:

What does a sample food day look like for you?