Weight gain 2.1kg...and I’m over the moon!


Just returned from my 3 week European vacation which included a cruise and I’ve only gained 2.1kg :open_mouth:.

Some history, even at 100kg plus I would gain close to 6kg in a week on holidays, that gives some insight into my deranged metabolism.

I did not “cut sick” at the buffets, ate three courses at dinner, indulged in pasta whilst in Italy. Most days I skipped one meal, the drinks package did see lots of booze but no cocktails and was active on excursions. I certainly enjoyed my holiday but did not go back to my terrible carb days.

Now to get back to Keto and KCKO! Love this forum and my Keto mates!!

(Jill Carpenter aka space coast spinster) #2

I really dislike buffets.

Kudos to you for getting through it!

(PJ) #3

Good! It sounds like your metabolism is gradually healing some. Possibly, of course, you are ALSO “overall” eating better on your vacation than you used to, yeah?

(Susan) #4

Congrats for staying semi-Keto on your 3 week holiday and only gaining 2.1 kg, that is awesome, you will get that off in no time, if you go back to total Keto, which I am guessing from your Post you are planning to go directly back on track so well done you.

I hope that you had a lovely vacation =).


Definitely much better than pre-Keto :grinning:


More enthusiastic for Keto than ever. This is now my life! :grinning:

(Susan) #7

That is awesome.