Web based versus App

(mwall) #1

The site works great with chrome on android! Just like on the PC. No app needed. :slight_smile::yellow_heart:

(Steven Cook) #2

Maybe some tech geek can help me out. I signed up for the site using my Google+ then found the discussion about using the Discourse app. Tried using that to login, again with my Google+ but Discourse insisted on creating a new account. Any pointers? Although I must admit the site is just great on its own using Firefox on Android…

(mwall) #3

I’d delete the discourse acct if it were me. Maybe follow up with discourse support on the issue. I saw they have a help forum on their web site.


I tried Discourse. It didn’t accept Ketogenforums.com.

(mwall) #5

You left out www. And “ic”
They each are required.


Ok thanks, finding all this ‘New’ rather challenging, but will forge ahead! Yes the ‘ic’!!

(Eugene Niemand) #7

I just tried discourse app and I get this error

Authorize application access

Sorry, you do not have the required trust level to access the user API

(mwall) #8

Just use the website with your browser.

(Richard Morris) #9

The app that Discourse developed has a bug in that it doesn’t work with fresh accounts … but if you ahve an existing account that you have used for 15 mins or more then it’ll probably work.

(Craig A Sander) #10

So there isn’t an App?

(Richard Morris) #11

It was designed to work well on a mobile device in the device’s browser.

But there is also an app.

It’s called Discourse.org. And you tell it our url www.ketogenicforums.com once. You can add other discourse sites too.

But personally I like just using the browser app.

(Craig A Sander) #13

The web browser works fine except that I have to log in each and every time on my mobile device which is a huge PITA. It is the reason I haven’t been checking things on the forums as 95% of the time I am on my phone. I will try out the discourse app.

(mwall) #14

which browser do you use?

(Richard Morris) #15

I believe if your Ketogenic Forums email is the same as your facebook email then you can just sign in using your FB identity and it will log you into your Ketogenic Forums account

(betsy.rome) #16

Is there any way, on either desktop or phone, to have a visual link preview when posting a link, like FB does? Just pasting the link does not have the same communication factor.

(Richard Morris) #17

Some urls the site will expand out in the preview screen to the right of the editing window when using a PC browser.

try a youtube URL

or try a link to a blog page


Some URLs don’t render a preview … I’m not sure why that is but I assume it’s non trivial to render them as a preview.

(betsy.rome) #18

OK thx Richard, just trying a YouTube here to see if it works on Mac desktop in Chrome:


Also the links need to be on a separate line to render a preview. If you don’t want a preview for some reason, include the link in a sentence.

(Craig A Sander) #20

Safari and Chrome used.

(Craig A Sander) #21

It still makes me type in my password. Phone is secured with a Mobile Iron app as I get work email on it and that is a requirement to connect to the network for email. It does not allow the browser to remember passwords however Apps are fine.