Water Fast: How to Handle the Hunger Pangs?

(Nefer Peacock Nubia) #21

I went straight from eating everything straight to water fasting. Day 2 and boy I’m hungry. Just left the store and as a chef who loves to cook man I’m ready to pop. Family keeps saying girl just eat but I don’t think they think I can do it cause they know I’m a huge Foodie. But I’m determined to show them how much dedication I have,more than them Lol but how long before I’m no longer hangry???

(it's official - I'm forked) #22

It depends


(Jane) #23

Because you have to burn through your glycogen stores first it will be longer than typical for those doing keto for several months.

I did a 3-day water fast back when I was in college (40 years ago) and the first 2 days were brutal. By the third day the hunger has disappeared.

How long are you planning to fast?