WATCH: Dr. Dean Ornish Debunks Low Carb Ketogenic Diet


(Pascal Menezes) #21

Dr. Gil Carvalho - debunking Keto. Watch

(Bacon enough and time) #22

Dr. Carvalho is on the council of the True Health Initiative, which was founded and is supported by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. I suppose he might support plant-based keto, but certainly not any diet that involves eating meat.

(Brian) #23

A place I spent WAY too many years.

I was still there when I first went keto and they told me I was gonna kill myself. Funny, they’re looking like death warmed over and I’ve got a new lease on life. I improved a whole bunch of stuff and lost nearly 100 pounds.

I spent many hours listening to their health gurus. The lectures never seemed to match the reality.

(Pascal Menezes) #24

I suspected as much. He is clearly promoting Statins and believes that Cholesteral is the main cause of of heart disease

(Alec) #25

Natural selection at work…