Washington Post Article: Big Food and Internet Influencers - Disturbing


Yes, perhaps if you think of the wild, when there is no food available or you are in danger and escaping, nature wants you to hunt and gather or hide or run and not be distracted by hunger. Once you start eating, and I notice it is not on the first bite but perhaps after half a cup or half a sandwich, nature wants you to take advantage of what is available before your neighbor eats it all


Yes, it’s individual. My SO has it at the first morsel, I need a bit more.
And it’s quite individual what works as a meal. Many people seem to be fine with a very tiny meal. And some of us (usually… carnivore is a big exception in my case, various things may or may not happen) need a bigger meal. 1600 kcal (high protein, high fat) usually cuts it for me, thankfully I usually need somewhat less even for my first one :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes I wonder how we humans can be so extremely different. Some people get satiated by a tiny carby meal… I just would get super hungry! And what is all those writings where people just eat a tiny fruit and call it a meal? Is it a literature thing or someone truly works like that I wonder…

I suppose it makes sense that a tiny meal should be used in need but I am just not like that, I need to pass on it unless it’s really nutritious and feeling starved is still preferable over not eating the morsel. But it makes sense that our body urges us to eat much too.