Want a cheat sheet of all the short cuts?

(Richard Morris) #1

Hit the question mark key when not editing


My favourite is “u” to go to the unread page.


Noice! Now if I could just get a keyboard for my phone… that might work. :zornface:


Oh crap. What happens if a cat walks across your laptop? A black cat. It could do some serious damage with the right key combinations!


Well darn. I have a BT keypad for my phone now and it doesn’t want to bring up the shortcuts like on my laptop. At least I can type better. Somewhat.

(Kipp Howard) #5

I have “vi” mappings ingrained in my fingers. Tried using “j” and “k” to move up and down. In Firefox, I keeping getting the Firefox “search” popup showing up if I type any of those quickly. Edge and Chrome seems to work without problems. Are others seeing this problem?


I did something in Chrome that sent me to the forum search. I’m still experimenting with key combinations.

[It was control-/ combo]