Walking for Happiness (or, What did you take a photo of on your walk today? PART 4)

(Pete A) #43

haha this is just up 64W like 2 .5 hrs from you.

(Shawn Patrick Malone) #44

Yeah, I know, Lol. Probably heading out that way in mid-February.

(Veronica) #45

Almost winter wonderland today with a lovely layer of frost and mist. Was freezing cold walking through the fields this morning, but stunningly beautiful. Of course, with my Reynolds I couldn’t afford to take off my two pairs of gloves to snap photos so my SO captured this wintry landscape for me.

The water had frozen over only just. I always notice this fantastic tree on our walk.

(Robin) #46

That is indeed a fantastic tree!

(Allie) #47

Bertie saw something interesting on our walk, it was an old cobweb with dry leaves caught in it, blowing in the wind…


Pretty!!! I love such photos :smiley: That tree :smiley:

(Veronica) #49

Hi Shinita. Yes, it’s fantastic isn’t it, captures my eye every time, but especially today. I think this picture albeit a bit blurry really captures how wonderfully misty it was this morning.

And we saw quite a few animals on our walk.

(Veronica) #50

Gloriously beautiful morning. Amazing how the weather can change a landscape. Last time it was misty, today bright and sunny, a lovely golden sheen on everything, but still cold and I had a hard time staying upright on the icy slippery paths.

IMG_20230120_112108 A glorious sun shone out across the fields.

(Robin) #51

Oh, you lucky girl!


We had snow but I forgot to make photos… But it’s cold here so maybe it stays until tomorrow… We mostly just had mud until now, not so pretty winter things!