Venturing out

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As many know I had foot surgery a month ago. I have been restricted from putting any weight on my foot for at least 2 more weeks. I have been outside twice in the past month, once to get stitches removed and the other was a small grocery shopping trip with my wife.

I am going friggin stir crazy. My whole life I have been an outdoors person. I am going to attempt a solo grocery trip this afternoon. My first stop will be to pick up some farm fresh eggs than onto the big box store for some staples. It’s not like we really “NEED” anything with 3 freezers full of food and a well stocked pantry but I gotta get outta the house. This will be my first time driving left footed. Should be an experience. It’s 25 miles to town but I’ll take the back roads and enjoy the scenery.

I do need HWC so that is my justification for making the trip. Our local little convenience store gets $2.99 a cup :scream:

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Good luck, @jfricke! Be careful on the icy roads in Michigan!

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Good luck with your outing and I hope it goes well! I sure feel for you. I know that stir crazy feeling and love the outdoors, too. I had foot surgery in '03, had a small fusion in my foot (screw put in) but I had to be off my feet for quite some time and wore a boot for 12 weeks. Hope you continue to improve.


Totally understandable… Enjoy the left foot drive and be careful with the winter roads!

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Be careful out there!

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Thanks all. My little journey went well.
Restocked on coffee, hwc, Brie, Few fresh veggies (is there such a thing in the heart of winter in MI?), farm eggs, (They are jynormous)Actually found some greek yogurt made from whole milk, first I’ve been able to find that wasn’t 0% fat. Roughly 1/2 the calories come from fat. Is this the stuff we should be looking for? It’s plain so no added sugar. Gizzards…They don’t always have them but they are cheap ($1.28/lb) when they do, stocked up on 5 lbs so I can freeze some. I picked up a tub of chicken livers so I can try making some pate.

I was pretty whipped by the time I walked the perimeter of the store and down the few aisles I had to traverse. Picked up a renewed pet peeve. Lazy asses that don’t put there shopping carts away. C’mon people I can barely walk and I manged to put mine away. Walking is good for you dontcha know?

My favored mode of transportation these days.


Is this why the carts were scattered:


Glad you finally got out! Sounds like you got some good stuff!

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Wait… where did you find full fat yogurt?? I’ve never seen any! I’m in MI too. Gave up looking.

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nice gadget - I like a well engineered solution

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It was at Meijer
I shop there regularly and have never seen it before. They had it in store brand and Chobani. I bought the store brand as it was $1 cheaper.

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Here is a label of Meijer non fat Greek yogurt. Note the carb content is about the same while the serving size is significantly smaller.

Serving Size: 1 container (170g)
Amount per ServingMy Daily Value
Calories 100Kcal6%
Calories from Fat 0Kcal0%
Total Fat 0g0%
Saturated Fat 0g0%
Trans Fat 0g0%
Cholesterol 10mg3%
Sodium 100mg4%
Total Carbohydrate 8g3%
Dietary Fiber 0g0%
Added Sugars 0g0%
Sugars 8g19%
Protein 18g38%
Vitamin A 0IU0%
Vitamin C 0mg0%
Calcium 200mg20%
Iron 0mg0%

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I use this all the time. Meijer brand has a lot of great full fat secrets.

Some say the carb count is actually lower because of the lactose (the milk sugar is what gets fermented). This was a hot debate topic on low carb forums ten years ago, heh.


I saw Full Fat Greek Yogurt in Aldi’s yesterday. Not organic or grass fed.


We are lucky in Canada. We have several brands to choose from. Here’s an example.

Check out the fat to protein ratio :slight_smile:

And first two ingredients is whole milk and cream … Awesome!!!

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I knew somewhere there must be a reason to live in Canada…:sunglasses:


By the way, if you cannot find Greek (thick) yogurt…someone taught me a hack. Put plain yogurt in a salad spinner (you may or may not need a cheese cloth depending on the spinner’s sieve openings). Spin the water out and you are left with very thick yogurt.

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So going to Meijer after work!!