Vegan not even popular during hurricanes


Hurricane Barry is bearing down on southern Louisiana and food is flying off the shelves … all but the vegan stuff. I wish i could re-post the great photo of the empty food shelves in Baton Rouge. All is gone but the vegan food area is still full. LOL.

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I suspect this has something to do with it

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I do hope you will be ok. I see your weather can be pretty extreme. Take care😊
I’m in the UK and generally ok, except we manage to talk a lot about the weather!

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This isn’t the first time this has happened:

BTW, hope you, your family and property stays out of harms way.


Very similar photo.

And all the sausage and bacon is long gone.


In a study of customer habits that Walmart did over a decade ago, the storm-warning goods that people buy the most turned out to be batteries, beer, and strawberry Pop-tarts.

Sales of strawberry Pop-tarts went up 700%.


Thanks for the laugh and good luck to you and your family.

This makes sense. They travel well, don’t require heating, and are comforting … if you are a carboholic. Personally, if it came down to strawberry pop-tarts or nothing, I’d take the nothing.


My hurricane kit includes coffee, cream, water, salt. An extended kit might have jerky, pork rinds and nuts. So if you see those cleaned out at WaMart, it was me. :grin:
(not this hurricane though, it’s not our turn)

Stay safe Ben!