URL Redirection (aka That Pesky WWW)

(Derek I. Batting) #1


Something I noticed a moment ago (and please correct me if this doesn’t happen for everyone):

Trying to go to ketogenicforums.com:

ketogenicforums.com’s server DNS address could not be found.

Trying to go to www.ketogenicforums.com:

Site loads as expected.

I wanted to point this out as most sites will automatically forward root URLs to the /www/ folder for the convenience of visitors. Not sure if you’re using nginx or apache as a web server, but your hosting company should be able to help you out with this.


Add record in the DNS for 'ketogenicforums.com'
(Danielle) #2

If you make it a bookmark - you never have to type it in again!!! :wink:


This is an Internet Domain Name Server (DNS) issue; there needs to be an address (A) record for the root domain, but there’s only one for the www host.

Default Server:  resolver1-fs.opendns.com

> ketogenicforums.com
Server:  resolver1-fs.opendns.com

Name:    ketogenicforums.com

> www.ketogenicforums.com
Server:  resolver1-fs.opendns.com

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    ketogenicforums.hosted-by-discourse.com
Addresses:  2001:470:1:3a8::201

Aliases:  www.ketogenicforums.com

(Derek I. Batting) #4

I know there’s more than one way to handle it, but an (A) entry would certainly be the preferred route.

(Derek I. Batting) #5

I have it as a pinned tab in Vivaldi/Chromium/Firefox in case I can’t decide which browser I want to use at any given moment. :smiley:


If I type “k” into the address bar, it auto-completes to ketogenic forums as the first choice. Ummmm, that could just be me though. Google knows me well. :bacon:

(Richard Morris) #7

paging @carl who has our doman records

(carl) #8


(carl) #9

@discourse how can we fix this?

(Sam Saffron) #10

the dnsimple redirector is limited, it does not do HTTPS


I would recommend moving DNS to cloudflare and then using page rules to redirect all of ketogenicforums.com to www.ketogenicforums.com

(carl) #11

Why cloudfare? I use dnsimple

(Sam Saffron) #12

Cause with dns simple you are going to have to point ketogenicforums.com at an IP you control and run a service on that IP that redirects to the www.

We don’t host a “redirector service” in our infrastructure at the moment.