Update: 3 months on KETO

(Richard M) #1

Happy Easter
3 months on keto. I went from a 44 to a 38 inch pant size. Current weight is 237-239. Roughly a 50 pound lose. Mainly a OMAD, but started to mix that up to some times eating TMAD(but not a lot). Still doing a 48 hour fast. Recently completed a 72 hour fast. It wasn’t that bad. More mental hurdles to overcome than hunger pains.
The first 35-40 pounds were pretty easy to lose but the last 10 pounds was a struggle. I want to get under 220. When the weight didn’t come off as fast as I wanted I kept telling myself that my body is repairing itself. Am I right in thinking that?
I am thinking of switching to a more carnivore diet. More protein than fat. Not too much protein. I am trying to get my carbs as close to “0” as possible. Any thoughts?
I am walking at least 4 days a week.
I guess the reason for switching to more protein and a lot less carbs is to lose 20 more pounds. There are a lot of schools of thought on doing that but I was wondering if anyone here have or has had success or not success doing that and your thoughts.

(Laurie) #2

Great progress so far, Richard!

For the past 9 months I’ve eaten animal products only, plus spices, coffee, and herbal tea. For me, the advantages are that it’s simpler and cheaper. And no more confusion/temptation around which vegetables or “treats” are okay, how many nuts are too many, etc.

The disadvantage is mainly that I can’t eat with other people any more. Even if they want to be supportive, they don’t get it and they offer me salad or something.

I’m losing weight at the same rate I did years ago on Atkins. (Not the Atkins-bar version, but the real-food version, which was similar to keto.)

I don’t track my macros. I eat two meals a day, and I stop eating when I feel full. I eat a pound of meat (or the equivalent in eggs, salmon, etc.) a day. Maybe a bit more. It’s my understanding that most carnivores eat more than that, but I don’t see the point in forcing myself.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #3

Shawn Baker said at Ketofest two years ago that he eats four pounds of meat a day, but that he’s a freak and would never recommend that to anyone else. But a lot of the carnivores I’ve heard discuss their food intake say they eat around two pounds a day. So a lot of room for individual variation, obviously.

(Ashley) #4

I think it also depends on male and female and size, i eat about 1-1.5 lbs a day of meat. But my body also burns it’s own fat stores as I’m quite overweight still and I’m also female. I don’t worry about calories because 1-1.5 lbs is quite a decent amount of calories. I just focus on eating lots of meat. But I’m also female so 2lbs sounds more reasonable for a male, you have to realize you’ll burn your own fat stores! Mostly just eat til full!