Unsweetened coconut milk

(Scott Diamond) #1

Is this ok for keto? It has very low carbs but dose it have hidden sugar?

(Patrick L Anderson) #2

Everybody seems to respond to things a little differently. Check the labels some have more added junk than others. I use SO Delicious brand and probably have a cup or so a day with no problems.

(Scott Diamond) #3

I like making curry chicken , and I takes coconut milk, I’ll do that thanks .

(Patrick L Anderson) #4

I use coconut cream for cooking and coffee for even less carbs and thicker texture. Again, look at the label. Not all are created equal.

(Scott Diamond) #5


(Wendy) #6

This is 1 I use. I use it in place of HWC. Cant do dairy. So far it whips up and if you dont refrigerate it. You can shake it up and it mixes well.
Although if you can find 1 without Guar Gum it would be much better.

(Scott Diamond) #7

Is gar gum bad , mine has the same

(Wendy) #8

No, in large doses. Its used to thicken. Too much they say will have side effects. Diarrhea. But who knows how much is too much. I dont think that’s a problem if used correctly. They dont put that much in.? So far no problems here.

(Scott Diamond) #9

Is that sucrose esters of fatty acid, is that sugar ?

(Wendy) #10

So far, the research I’ve done. Just shows it as an emulsifier. Or thickening agent. Maybe some of the other forum members have some easier explanation.
Sorry couldn’t be of more help.

(Scott Diamond) #11

Thanks that’s all I could find , but you know is sounds like sugar, and like some kind of molecule that’s in sugar… wow thanks so much for the help!

(Wendy) #12

Your very welcome. With the word Sucrose attached I personally would stay away. Funny I have become very observant of words I dont recognize.

(Scott Diamond) #13



I quit all the kinds of milk from the supermarket. It doesn’t matter if they were coconut, soya, or simple milk. They had a ton of sugar, and it was almost impossible for my body to accept it. However, I found this amazing alternative which is dry whole milk powder. It easily integrates into your diet and has a ton of benefits. Moreover, if you are pretty allergic and sensitive to foods, this one is perfect for you. On top of that, I use it as a meal for my three years old before bed, and she loves it.


if 1/3rd of a cup has 2g of carbs given that the first ingredient is coconut then there cant be much sugar added