Unhelpful Eating Beliefs and Behaviours


My parents said I have to eat everything on my plate to grow up big and strong.

I think they meant I’m tired and I’m not making you anything else even though you don’t physically like what you are eating.

My wife and a friend at work are very strongly affected by this and suffered much worse treatment.

What eating behaviour does this cause in the long term?

I eat the end of my wife’s steak or the chicken she won’t eat as it’s a waste of food in an over populated, under resourced world. Or is it because my parents told me to finish what’s on my plate?

I eat cheese every night as it’s keto and on OMAD I’m still hungry. Or do I avoid eating healthy food so I can eat delicious food even when it’s not good for me and I haven’t eaten for 20 hours and I stopped losing weight over a year ago.

I think there’s alot of magical thinking out there for example it fits keto so I can eat it. That’s not always valid - cheddar and chicken doesn’t agree with me but it’s keto.

Have you got any unhealthy eating behaviours and what beliefs are they based on?

Are those beliefs valid and if not why do you have them?


I have this cleaning my plate too, it is no problem at all. And I actually stop eating on carnivore sometimes when I get a stop sign now (I simply CAN’T eat then), never happened this before.
Maybe it’s individual. I am a hedonist so no way I will eat when I don’t feel like it under normal circumstances but stuffing myself once a day seems the best for me. Bigger meals last way longer in my case.
But maybe it matters that a plate of food is usually way smaller than a whole meal of mine. I need much food at once.

I DON’T waste food, it’s basic for me. But it has nothing to do with finishing my plate. I have a fridge. (I usually eat at home, it helps).

It’s seems OMAD isn’t for you, don’t do it then.

Obviously :slight_smile: We in this forum could say ZILLION examples, many don’t work well with dairy or sweeteners, my body prefers keeping my non-animal net carbs to the minimum (avoiding vegs is a great idea for me)… I love my processed items (like sausage, store-bought pâté) while many ketoers avoid them…
And everything fits keto though very pure sugars are rarely worth it…

Even “healthy food” says little as they are different for different people. You say this and I have no idea what it means for you. Well as it’s a keto forum, I have an educated guess but that’s it.

Me and unhealthy eating behaviours? Yep, I have them. I have an apparently forever tendency of overeating. Carnivore was so nice in the beginning but I very easily overeat there too now. It’s WAY better than on carbs, feels healthier, not that bad kind of compulsion but I do love my fat and protein in excessive amounts in my hungry or high appetite phases… I am sure the blame is mostly on my overeating past, even now. It changed me mentally and while carnivore changed me mentally too, to to better this time, it’s not perfect… Or who knows, maybe I have some deep physical reason I have no idea about. Or I have and I MUST do OMAD, too bad it doesn’t happen often.

I didn’t really have bad beliefs which interfered with my decision making about what I eat… I mean, it didn’t matter what I thought about vegs, I couldn’t stop eating them, they were just necessary for me until I lost interest in them somehow. And I still can’t consider them bad - except the big amount of carbs in them and the even bigger amount of fat they brought into my already too fatty diet.

Unlike most people here, apparently, I wasn’t taught that fat (even in huge amounts) would be bad. People ate quite high-fat around me, it never was a problem for anyone I knew (except maybe 1-2 persons I wasn’t close to?). All my family members ate very fatty, I saw it from others too, it was the normal. It was mostly pork and chicken. And eggs are basic too. I heard about stupid things about it but never cared or believed in them.
Of course I couldn’t avoid the oh so healthiness of vegs and fruits but as I ADORED them, I ate them anyway. And they were better than many other food items…