Ultimate goal

(ShowMeTheKeto) #1

Is the ultimate goal of this diet to be in ketosis or to be fat-adapted? One does not necessarily include the other…

(G. Andrew Duthie) #2

The ultimate goal will vary from person to person, and may be weight loss, reduction or elimination of insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes, etc.

The purpose of keto as a WoE is to restore normal insulin metabolism. Fat-adaptation and ketosis are the natural end result of reducing insulin levels to where they should be.

(Louise ) #3

The ultimate goal varies according to the individual. The other thing would be - that Keto is a way of eating lifestyle which evokes longevity rather than transient ‘diet’ which as we know fail and are short lived. So, to answer your question: it depends.

(Larry Lustig) #4

Personally, I believe the difference is overstated. Someone in ketosis past the induction phase will necessarily become fat-adapted. For most people eating this way, the goal is to be actively burning fat, rather than glucose, for daily energy needs. If you’re doing this, you are ketotic. If you try to remain ketotic without passing into true fat adaption, you will be very uncomfortable. Therefore, the goal is to be both fat adapted and to be actively ketotic.

(Brian Miller) #5

Can someone explain how would someone be continuously in ketosis and not be fat-adapted. I’m struggling to see the difference unless you’re describing someone who bounces in and out of ketosis regularly instead of consistently remaining there.

(Guardian of the bacon) #6

I can visualize being fat adapted and not in ketosis. Perhaps bouncing in and out frequently.

It is hard to visualize being in a constant state of ketosis without being fat adapted.

(Larry Lustig) #7

First off, if “fat-adapted” had an actual medical definition then I’m not aware of it. In that sense it’s pointless to discuss being fat-adapted because it might mean different things to different people.

That said, if you’re consistently ketotic then, past the first few weeks, I can’t see how you could not be fat adapted as well. But if you were to have carbs one day I imagine you wood drop out of ketosis but not immediately lose your fat adaption.

If you were to do something like fast post of each week and eat a standard diet the rest of the week, I would imagine you’d be in ketosis while fasting might never become fully fat adapted.

(Brian Miller) #8

That would be my take on it also. Being “fat adapted” appears to be associated with how quickly you would go back into ketosis after you ate a carb-centric meal or three. Whereas a less adapted person might take 3-4 days to regain ketosis after 1 day of heavy carbs where a more adapted person might be able to become ketoic again in 12-24 hours especially with some exercise.

(Guardian of the bacon) #9

Here is a take on the subject.

Being Fat Adapted vs In Ketosis

(Guardian of the bacon) #10

My take…The goal should be to make LCHF a way of life, not a diet, with the “ultimate” goal being to regain/maintain optimum health.

(Brian Miller) #11

That’s the site I found when I looked it up too.