Ugh...People are using Carnivore MD as proof we need carbs

(Bob M) #1

Saw this on Threads today. Someone using Carnivore MD (Dr. Paul Saladino) as proof that humans need carbs.

I have to say that I don’t have a high opinion of Dr. Saladino. I remember his covid stance, for instance, as being completely without evidence and having a total lack of understanding. Also, when he had Amber O’Hearn on his podcast, they were eating raw liver, and he said he only ate raw egg yolks, but never the whites.

After that, I was out. And that was before he decided he needed to eat honey and whatever else he eats now.

But as someone who eats mainly meat (and some dairy) and very few vegetables or fruits, I can honestly say that carbs aren’t necessary. They aren’t. In fact, many of my worst digestive experiences come when I eat vegetables and of course grains. I have to limit myself to certain well-cooked vegetables and fermented vegetables. Fruit, I could probably eat, but I always overeat it. And I think it should only be eaten in season, which for me is a few short weeks each year.

Now, I have no bias against people who can eat carbs. Hey, if you can eat oatmeal for breakfast and it keeps you full for hours, more power to you.

But to use Dr. Saladino as “proof” that humans need carbs is wrong.

What do you think?

(Edith) #2

It seems to me if Paul Saladino is healthier eating fruit and honey, then that means Paul Saladino needs carbs, not necessarily the rest of humanity. It’s a stupid argument. Humans cannot be lumped into one category.

For example, it’s a known fact that the ability to digest lactose later in life is from a genetic mutation and that people without that mutation are most likely lactose intolerant. Does that mean because some people can digest lactose, everyone should be drinking milk? I don’t think so.


I don’t know what they use as proof but it’s quite well known carbs aren’t essential for humans… I mean, sure, some people need it but it’s not a general thing. So many people proved they don’t need it, no one can prove it as it’s not true… But proving our body is fine without it? Easy I think. Glucose is so extremely important for us that our body evolved to get it without any carbs (or food) eaten. If it would be essential, we would get brain damage just from a tiny fast! But we can handle famines for a while… (Etruscan shew has my sympathy and horror.) We can make sugar from other things just fine.

Everyone should figure these things out for their own individual body. I don’t avoid carbs at all but I do my best (as long as it’s convenient and comfortable enough for me) to avoid non-animal net carbs as I experienced it is important for me. Other people have very different experiences and I don’t expect them to do what I find usually easy and the best for me.

So I don’t really care what silly things people come up with. The extent I care is because of other people who lack my conviction and experience and good communication with my body.


I think Paul Saladino is aging like milk. I could never listen to him even before the fruit and honey, something in his voice/demeanor just grates on my nerves. I don’t think we need carbs. I think seasonal fruit should probably be consumed if you are living off the land and don’t have easy access to food year round, it would make sense to fatten up.


It’s not even good for fattening… Or I went too far from my “1kg fruit in 10 minutes” younger years… :thinking: Possible. But fruit never made me any fattier, I am pretty sure about that. (Yeah, genetics, it’s not very easy for me to gain fat but when I do, I eat a ton of fat and a lot of non-fruit carbs so I blame those.) If it works for some and they need it AND can handle it well, good for them.

I still can eat half a loaf of bread (with a lot of fat and potentially with honey) but I don’t feel so great afterwards so I really try not to do it.


Not doubting what you saw/read, but sounds like somebody that wasn’t Saladino saying that using him as a reference point, he himself said that (he) does better than he did eating Keto or Carnivore many times and that his labs back that up. I’ve heard him countless times say that people should do what works best for them and that he’s not against either, just wasn’t right for him.

I say that as somebody that’s come and gone many times when it comes to him. I’ve seen some of the same on my end, my Thyroid values were getting worse the entire 4yrs I ate strict keto, my cholesterol wasn’t great, although still within a range I wasn’t worried about, lost a ton of muscle even before fasting took out my metabolic rate, but since TKD/CKD my Thyroid’s back in action, my cholesterol is better (NMR’s obviously) and I feel much better, also do WAY better with my digestive system actually working right. So like him, I do better with some carbs in there, just not enough to cause an issue. I still recommend keto to people all the time.


Using anything as proof that we ALL need something equally is why we are in the mess we are today in our country. Each body is unique and different and has totally different reactions, and there is no one size fits all diet/medicine/exercise that benefits everybody equally, and trying to guilt everyone into one way often will make some or even many people sick or have significant negative consequences. We each should be free to choose what we believe is best for our own body, and those that are unable to learn what they need to in order to decide should be guided by others who respect all options, not just one, and help them to discover which is best for them without bias.

If someone is using Carnivore MD as proof that ALL humans need carbs, I’d say they are just another example of the widespread lunacy and hysteria today, unstable minds that can’t handle anyone doing things differently than what they are choosing to do or what they believe. I don’t understand why so many people are driven to prove that those doing things differently are crazy, radical, or wrong. It’s just a different approach, period.

The SAD that was pushed on me by the nutritionist in my doctor’s office for many years and it made me really sick. It wasn’t the right diet for my particular body and makeup. But they push it nationwide as if it’s the healthiest for all of us, as if we all respond the same way. And we are guilted by everyone we know to conform to it. Leave me alone to be free to do as I please with my own body. I accept that Keto or lower carb diets might not be beneficial for some people even if the science makes us believe it would be healthier for everybody. That’s not always true, and it’s not my place to force it on the masses just because it’s life saving for me. We do each have to find the right diet/medicine/exercise for us personally, and nobody should guilt us into doing anything the way they think is the right way. That’s why I’m against forcing anything onto the entire population as a whole and consider that nothing short of a crime. Food is just as much medicine as medicine is, and some bodies have a very bad reaction to certain foods, or lack of them, that are preferable for others.

I’d say carbs aren’t necessary for you personally at all, as you have figured that out for yourself already, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t necessary for any and all human beings. They might be for some. They might not be necessary for me, but I may never know because I chose to keep certain ones in my diet so long as they are not causing any problems or long term concerns. If ever I have a significant reason to try life without them I will.

But they (whoever they are) have no right to make a statement that carbs are necessary for all human beings. I’m growing really tired of these kinds of attitudes and reports.

(Sammy J Shuford) #8

Almost no carbs in my diet, I think Paul is too liberal with his diet. My digestion got worse and worse for many years.

Carnivour 99% (my exception is pepper sauce and pickled peppers.)

(Edith) #9

These days (at least the last time I heard him on a podcast) he is actually anti-keto. I think he is one of those people whose pendulum swings between one extreme and another. He was a fanatical carnivore and now he has swung to the opposite side and eats about 300 grams of carbs a day. I think we’re taking SAD carb level with those numbers.

(Geoffrey) #10

The way I view Saladino is the same way I view everyone who doesn’t eat the way I do and that’s just that everyone is different and has to adjust their diet to fit them. He has said that he does better with a little carb, cool. I don’t. I’m carb free except for what I get from meat and eggs and I do great this way.
I’ll judge no one for what they choose to eat as long as it’s working for them.

(Alec) #11

Who? :joy::joy::joy::man_shrugging::clown_face:

(Mihalis) #12

Personally, I find fruit today just way too sweet, it’s sickening sometimes. After watching a few of Pavlos Saladino’s videos and listening to some others, I think that his heart palps and whatever other problems he was having were caused by his oxalate dumping. Now he’s just re-oxalated his body again. However, at the end of the day it’s not a crime to change or modify what you eat, good health to him I say.

(Jens Madsen) #13

Yep, embrace ‘Biochemical individuality’ - let your neighbor ‘thrive’ on donuts, and let me … :wink:

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Bingo! :rofl::rofl:

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