Type 2 diabetes meds and keto diet



Yay! congratulations!
Also lovely to see your doctor’s reaction. There are so many terrible stories out there… someone just posted yesterday that her mom dropped from 13 to 5.4 A1C and the doctor called out of concern, said they would have to do something about that.

Anyway, well done!!

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Glad you had the same Dr. reaction, goind in I was afraid he might be dogmatic, but just the opposite!

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Thanks so much for this. I’ve been listening to 2KetoDudes Podcasts starting at the first one and today I listened to #64 Fasting for 46 Days with Ron Coleman and @richard mentioned this about not using insulin after getting your A1C below 7.0. I’m kind of ticked off because I have been trying to get mine to 5.2! Here are my A1C numbers:

Date / Comment
8/4/2015 / Started Insulin 32 basal, 4-8 units bolus
12/21/2018 / Highest weigh ever at 257 lbs! I was up to 160 units of Basal insulin 30-40 units bolus ea meal!
02/02/2018 / Started Paleo on 1/1/18, started Keto on 2/15/2018 Started IF/EF on 3/15/18
05/04/2018 / Got off Jannvia! Had already reduced basal to 60 units and bolus as needed 10-15 units 1/day.

Currently holding steady on weight (low of 206), not doing any EF due to daughter and other visitors during the summer. I now think my weight is steady spite keto diet due to insulin being too high. 3 month follow up with doctor next week, and I will ask to get off all insulin and keep on Metformin & Trulicity.

Thanks again for the information![quote=“Rajseth, post:9, topic:45324, full:true”]

Steven, if you read and understand the current science, you will understand that insulin is the real culprit. Current standard of medical care is to lower your A1c to below 7. thats BG of 156. When I stopped taking all medications, I asked my endocrinologist what readings I should watch for to realize that I wasnt ready to be off medications - his answer “consistent fasting BG above 150”

If you stop consuming carbs, or at least minimize them to 20gm, 10gm or lower, then you are not dealing with exogenous glucose. The only blood glucose you will have is that which is produced by your liver by gluconeogenesis. My understanding is that process is demand driven, and can sometimes be supply-pushed by excess fat released from the liver. So, I dont try and downregulate it with insulin. High Blood sugar is NOT the evil - high insulin is. Its kinda like my foot hurts - so amputate it!!

I would rather have fasting BG 140-150 with no medications, than take insulin and have it down to 80. Metformin is the one medication that does not raise your insulin - so maybe if you feel compelled to you can have some of that. But no one can make me take any of the insulin rasing medications any more.

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my reading on metformin is not that it stimulates insulin production like the gliipemeride type drugs but it helps lower “insulin resistance” to make one deal with carbs more efficiently as there are going to be some glucose to deal with no mater how you cut it…

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Progress report
Started ketogenic diet 5-15-18


Glucose 135 mg/dl
A1C 8.6
Cholesterol 149 mg/dl
Triglycerides 154 mg/dl
HDL Cholesterol 131 mg/dl
LDL Cholesterol 87 mg/dl
Weight 194 lbs


Glucose 100 mg/dl
A1C 5.5
Cholesterol 235 mg/dl
Triglycerides 153 mg/dl
HDL Cholesterol 36 mg/dl
LDL Cholesterol 169 mg/dl
Weight 168 lbs

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Steady in Ketosis, weight dropping but fasting glucose is trending high. “Dawn effect” or what??? Comments please!

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You are probably experiencing what is sometimes called “physiological insulin resistance,” which I prefer to call “glucose-sparing.” The idea is that once we are fully fat-adapted the muscles are burning fatty acids (even in preference to ketones) and refusing to take in glucose, so as to spare it for those organs (primarily the red blood cells) that must have it because they can’t metabolize fat (or ketones). As long as your HbA1C stays at its current lovely level, don’t worry about your glucose.

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Thanks! Never heard that but it makes sense. BTW tested 128 fasting this morning so It might have been freak spikes…

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Well, there is also the dawn phenomenon, as well.

You might want to read this piece by Hyperlipid about glucose sparing. He is a British veterinarian with a scientific interest in nutrition, including human nutrition:

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first advanced lipid panel