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Genius as always.

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Wow! He sure cleans up well. Though I love JP regardless of what he’s (not) wearing!

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Absolute nonsense, a mixture of conflation, strawman arguments, appeals to silly emotionalism, etc. Did he really think that co-morbidities somehow did not matter? Well of course not - he’s just playing stupid.

One could go through the video step-by-step, pointing out the deliberate obtuseness, etc., along the way, but he also has some straight-out lies, if he’s talking about the US (and I think he’s American). “Chances of not dying from Covid-19, 99.96%” - not in the US, the overall death chance has already gotten to almost half again that much, and to avoid arguments about the Covid death count we can look at the higher-than-normal death rate, which is nearly twice what he portrays.

He’s been pretty funny in the past with parodies of vegans, etc., but here he verges into pure foolishness.


JP’s great! Not sure if Ive even seen a video from him that wasn’t awesome.

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I totally agree. All the CDC said related to what was written on the death certificate. Everyone realizes that covid-19 causes extreme coagulation effects, correct? So, how many people do you think died of strokes who had covid?

As for 2 million deaths, if we keep following the path the US is on, that’s achievable. If the IFR (infection fatality rate) is 1% and 250,000,000 people get infected, that’s 2,500,000 deaths.

Now, the IFR varies with age, with small numbers in the young and much higher numbers as we age.

However, we KNOW someone who spent 52 days in the hospital and 12 days in the ICU on a ventilator. He’s my age.

And Dr. Unwin’s son got covid and is having POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) 4 MONTHS later. If you don’t believe me, email him.

And do a search for “long haulers covid-19” sometime.

That man is out of his league.

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Well if you accept that his number of fewer than 10k death “from” COVID is correct then it’s actually a far higher chance of surviving… so you are right but not in the way you think you are.


The entire point of his channel is foolishness. Some people call it humor. Have a drink.

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It’s not humorous. It’s idiotic.

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In JP’s defence, he’s a smart man with an extremely dry sense of humour. It may not work for you. The stuff he puts on the “Awaken with JP” channel is all satire.


It’s not “idiotic” simply because you don’t agree with it or can’t find humor in it. I could care less what side of the political spectrum you’re on, not that it’s not very clear already but the numbers have been being played with from the beginning. Anybody with eyes and ears knows that and regardless of any other viewpoint that’s what it’s making fun of more than anything.

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Paul, I work in an office where one person calls covid-19 “the China virus”, thinks masks CAUSE disease, and thinks covid-19 simply has to rage through society. Another refuses to wear a wear a mask and believes the infection rate is so low that nothing needs to be done. Most of the people here do NOT wear masks at all. Meanwhile, we have a woman with a compromised immune system who now has to isolate herself from everyone (can’t work from home, either).

And this is in a state where we KNOW people who have had covid and even died from it. I’m trying to protect my mother who lives with us from covid. How the f*** do I do that when idiots like him are giving false ammunition to those who simply believe covid is not bad? They won’t see the humor. If you believe covid is “the China virus” and masks cause disease, that guy is telling you everything you want to hear.

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The odds are like that…because they locked down. We haven’t.

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I hear you on this. My niece works in an old-age home two towns over from yours, and they have had something like 25 deaths so far. We have to work very hard to try to make sure she doesn’t bring the virus home to my 90-year-old father.

These are difficult times, and they are not going to get better any time soon.

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We re-opened in June to a great extent… remember?

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Certainly, but this video is idiotic. :wink:

That doesn’t really address this video. He’s essentially just making up stuff and then pretending to satirize it. There needs to be some rationality underneath, and he’s missing that here.


Welcome to freedom of speech, people can call it whatever they want. You call it what you want. That’s how it works.

That’s clearly stupid, but again. That’s THAT persons problem.

That sucks that you know people that have died from it and that your mother has a compromised immune system but it changes nothing. Both my parent’s aren’t very healthy and my mother also has a compromised immune system, I sent her this video and she thought it was hilarious. Why is it the she (the compromised person) can tell the difference from a joke of a video and see the humor in it and you can’t? Why can’t you distinguish real life and “advise” from people being goofy on youtube? There is no “false ammunition”, only people that don’t grasp humor, sarcasm, or the difference between a youtube channel and actual news. Or ACTUAL media from “social” media. Or the most popular these days, complete censorship of anybody you don’t completely agree with.

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Some of the other conditions on the list make sense that they would go with covid- acute respiratory distress for example, that seems covid-related and could reasonably be called a co-cause of death, but some do not. Over 5000 deaths in the covid numbers had a diagnosis of ‘intentional or unintentional injury, poisoning or adverse conditions.’ Sooo, fall off a building with covid and you are a covid death.

This is the kind of thing that makes people skeptical. I don’t know anyone that thinks it is completely a hoax, but it is being overplayed for sure.

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Who actually says that happened, though? All the normal such deaths are already accounted for, and more than accounted for, and those plus the attributed Covid-19 deaths still don’t total all the deaths that are occurring, i.e. there’s still an undercount of Covid deaths.