Training is making me fat

(Warren) #42

So I’ve been really researching Mikhalia Peterson’s theory on the Lion Diet. The only thing is I still quite like the effect of keto; I also love fat as it makes me feel unreal.
As I have roughly 3 weeks before I see any type of health specialist, I’ve decided to take on a carnivore experiment of 25% protein 75% fat until then.
So the plan is

  • to incorporate my slow cooker as it will help the healing process as the meat will be semi-digested.
  • eat only beef because I have a freezer full of it.
  • add rendered fat to the slow cooker to help with the 25:75 ratio.
  • use gelatin powder and potassium/sodium salt for flavour.

I know it sounds boring but it isn’t forever and it’s all about the science rather than the taste for me during this time.

I’ll keep you all posted!

(Warren) #43

Well in the last 2 and half weeks (17 days) I’ve learnt a lot about my body and how it works.
The carnivore approach, though hard at first (felt like I’d died :joy:), was so beneficial in so many ways.
My 2k calorie limit went to 3K; and didn’t feel full but was content and didn’t feel stuffed like when I was eating nuts and dairy.
Seems like nuts and dairy were causing a reaction in my stomach.
I trained the whole time and still weighed myself each morning, for the first 10 days, to see how my progress was going. After the first 5 days I had what I can only explain a “whoosh” experience where I didn’t sleep that night due to the constant trips to the loo. The next morning I weighed myself and was down 6 kilos. I was blown away. Walked around that day thinking “what the $&@# just happened?”, and with extreme energy and I mean extreme.

Future plans - I will:

  • still get myself checked out but I’m pretty sure I’m in the healing process already.
  • slowly introduce keto foods in the next 13 days.
  • be taking 10 weeks long service to concentrate on my health and well-being.

Just like to say thanks to everybody for your support and if it weren’t for you I’d be still self doubting on what I should do.


(Alec) #44

Great description of what can happen on carnivore. It sounds to me that you are in the healing zone. I experienced similar (a whoosh!) and my take was it was the extreme inflammation just calming down.

My recommendation is to not be in too much of a hurry to add things back in. Give your body some time with what looks like working well.

And as and when you do start adding things back in, do it really slowly, and single food source at a time so you can spot what affects you and what doesn’t.

But take your time! You are finding things out that you can use for life, and taking a few months to do that is time well spent.
Take care

(Robin) #45

Good for you!
When you reintroduce some foods, do so one at a time and wait long enough to know if your body is happy or not. It’s a great way to find your own groove.

(Butter Withaspoon) #46

Sounds like a great plan Warren. It feels good to get past that first hurdle doesn’t it!

(Warren) #47

So I saw a GP with my test results and everything was fine but it turns out I have H pylori, again, and he wanted me to take the antibiotics, again.
Told him I’ll get back to on that, not :joy:
H pylori is a pretty evil little bugger and can cause a lot of issues. Working in 3rd world country conditions doesn’t help either.
So I saw a naturopath to see what other avenues were on offer. Fair bit of info to take in but H pylori if it returns the 2nd time comes back with vengeance as it is aware that it was defeated the first time and it is in no way going to go quietly the 2nd time. Pretty much how every virus or germ works.
So I’m

  • on some different types of prebiotics and probiotics and other herbs to support issues such as leaky gut
  • waiting on a delivery of matula tea.
  • Sticking to keto/carnivore as H pylori thrives in sugary/carb environments due to excess candida.
  • Staying away from dairy and fake sugars.
    Now it’s just a matter of patience and taking time to heal.


I am not familiar with that thing but I wish you GOOD LUCK nonetheless!!!

(Robin) #49

Oh no! Darn it!
Glad you at least have ammunition to fight it. Sounds like a rough time, but rooting for a fast rebound.

(Omar) #50

I have lots of experience dealing with H.Pylori

You can take as much antibiotic as the doctor wants you to, but it will come back.

The only way to prevent it from coming back is to raise your stomach acid.

In my case it took me so many reoccurrences only because I was confusing the hi alkaline stomach thinking it is high acidic stomach.

But once I realized that I have low stomach acid and treated that first by stopping antiacid medication and second by elevating my stomach acid by ACV, pickles, fermented food, or sucking half a lemon after eating , I never had H Pylori again.

The issue is that if this H pylori caused ulcers, I will not be able to consume acidic food. I wait until the antibiotic kills the bug and the ulcers healed, before trying to elevate my stomach acid.


No thoughts on the Hpylori but watch out for your tooth enamel with those lemons! (not a dentist)

(Robin) #52

Good for you, figuring out that puzzle!