Trader Joe's


Funny thing happened at Trader Joe’s today. I bought PB and Jam…they have a wonderful reduced sugar cherry jam. The clerk asked if I already had bread at home. I had to tell her that I just make a little pudding out of the PB & J…no bread!!

(Susan) #2

What did she say? Did Keto come up?


No, it was just a quick exchange while I was checking out. She was young and slim and probably a long ways from thinking about eating healthy…or not LOL I thought it was an unusual observation to make for one so young though.

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The day I bought 8 packs of bacon at Walmart, along with 2 of the large containers of ground beef, some chicken, sausages, frozen fish, cream cheese, and the rest of the groceries for my hubby, 3 daughters ad grand daughter (Carbage stuff…) the lady asked me if I was having a party. I told her no, I am on Keto, a no sugar, no processed foods, low carb eating style (left out the high fat element). She is 22 and very petite build, very slender and was just like oh, cool, good luck.

The lady behind me in line was rude, seeing the groceries and had asked me previously to this (before I was being served, in line still) if I was doing Keto, and when I said yes, she promptly told me her daughter “tried that and then gained it all back” and I was biting my lip not telling her well your daughter obviously didn’t do it for a lifestyle change but as a quick fix and that never works. Oh well, people like to be negative at times I guess…


I try to avoid the topic for that very reason. Let’s see…politics, religion and dieting :grinning: I only lost 20 lbs so most people didn’t notice the weight loss thankfully. I’m back to a normal weight. For those sharp eyed ones who did notice it I just said “eating healthy”.

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Well I have lost 38.4 and I cannot see a big difference personally. This is because I have over 120 to go still, but I will do this, and I am determined and want to be around a long time for my hubby, kids and grand kids and grand kids to come, so I will succeed! =)


You are well on your way. Doing it to be healthy is the key and you’ve unlocked that for sure.

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Thank you! I am loving Keto, and can hardly wait for the end results then living the Keto healthy way =).


Yum!! That sounds delicious!


It is quite good. Like many things discovered with keto I was yearning for a sandwich but found just doing the PB & J was enough! And of course without the carbs I was full much longer than if it had been a sandwich.

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Do you just mix the two? or add anything else?


2T PB 2T jam, stirred together in a tiny dish. That’s it!

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Okay thanks =).


You’re welcome!