Tracking Glucose/Ketone index

(Erin Macfarland ) #21

Yeah I struggle with lowering my protein I get crazy hungry trying to “fill up on fat.” I do much better I figured out letting myself eat as much fatty meat as i want.

(Susan Lawrence) #22

I am not T2D. I had gestational diabetes years ago.
I don’t know if this explains it but I am now at a very good weight. Being 5’6" and between 125 and 130. I’ve been keto for almost 8 months now. I did it to get better mental clarity and more energy. I didn’t need to lose too much weight but I did lose some. I’d still like to lose a little bit more around my middle. And push it over to a few other places.
Because I really didn’t want to lose any more weight I felt I had to add some fat to my coffee and tea during the fast.
Maybe having so few calories along with that added fat is what spiked my ketones.
So I’m actually not sure. I’ve been really happy with the results when I measured them. I wish the strips weren’t so darn expensive I would get the app and measure every day maybe even twice.
Maybe because my carbs are always less than 20. But most people do that. I only kept a (very anal) food diary the first 2 months. I often do OMAD. Twice this developed into fasts. I was working all day and then it was 7, the end limit of my eating window
Long answer. I hope this contributes in some way.

(Juliana Szabluk) #23

This seems to be the key to me. I’ve never tracked GKI, but once my ketone levels got higher than 3mmol/l, there’s nothing (within keto) I can do that lowers these levels.

I’ll buy glucose strips next week and start measuring GKI. I don’t know why I get these ketone levels and I want to know how I can get them even higher (or lower). I want to understand what causes variation. Fasting didn’t change my ketone levels at all (not even omad). This is why I want to measure glucose now. But, if I do find fasting changes glucose but these different glucose levels don’t impact ketones, I’ll get crazy.

(Bron) #24

I’m glad to see some discussion of GKI (or even better, actual ketone and BG levels).

Your ratios look a bit like mine. Unfortunately I can’t afford to measure blood ketones that often. So I really only measure because I’m early on in this (fasting with keto) and I mostly save the blood test strips to check that my ketones aren’t getting too high. I do check my blood glucose more frequently due to the strips being cheaper.

Today BG was 3.8 mmol/l, Ketones 4.2 mmol/l.
Of the 5 measurements I have done, my GKI was under 1.0 on 3 out of 5 tests. Low of 0.5 with 6.6 mmol/l ketones.

Because of those ketone levels, I’ve decided not to extend my fasting window beyond 22 hours at this point.