Tired after eating

(Lindsey) #1

I noticed that after I eat I will sometimes crash. Like as if I ate a lot of carbs. Today for lunch I had a chicken salad. It was about 5g of carb, 20g of protein and about 60g of fat. I have read before that too much protein can cause that but I didn’t think it was that much protein. Has anyone else had this and fixed it?

(Kate) #2

Have you tested your blood sugars? I used to always get this after meals and was know for my fatigue in the family especially at me Grandmothers because I would lay down on the ground behind her couch and have a sleep after eating at her place but after keto stopped for a while then started up again. I was having slumps within 15 mins and I would either flush or get really tired/fatigued so I started testing every 15 mins for 2 hours after eating and turns out I was having really low blood sugars 15 mins after eating (reactive hypoglycemia). Turns out my insulin was high again. Do you have other symptoms like reaching for sweeter things like keto treats etc at the moment? That was a sign for me as well that my insulin was up again.

Protein does have an insulin effect so it may be causing it. Play around with what you are eating and test sugars and you should be able to work it out.

(VLC.MD) #3

Try eating less. 25% across the board. 60g of fat might be too much.
Seems impossible for 20g of protein to make you tired. Is it high tryptophan turkey ?
It’s probably something else.

(Lindsey) #4

Thanks! I did some research last night and read up about protein. I think I’m going to have a smaller amount today and see if that helps. I haven’t tested my blood sugars before but I think I am going to look into it.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #5

How much are you eating at your other meals? It is possible that you’re not eating enough, and that your body is lowering its basal metabolism rate to compensate. If you feel hungry after meals, eat more fat, until you’re not hungry anymore. The whole point of the ketogenic way of eating is to provide the body with enough energy, and in a way that doesn’t promote the secretion of insulin and cause your calories to be stored rather than burned. It sounds counter-intuitive, but the key to becoming fat-adapted is to eat more fat, not less. Fat does not stimulate the production of insulin (whereas carbohydrate and to a lesser extent, protein, do), and in the absence of insulin, your fat cells are free to discharge their fat into your bloodstream for all your other cells to burn.

(Kristen Ann) #6

Hi Lindsey,

I’m having this same problem. Did you discover what was making you so tired? Thanks.

(Mick) #7

Here too. I’ve recently been experiencing very difficult muscular fatigue which lasts for a hour or two after eating, after being mostly fine in this regard on keto for the last 3 months. The only other times I’ve felt musclular fatigue have been when getting kicked out of ketosis, whic I certainly am not at the moment, between 2 and 3 mmol

(Ivy) #8

Why does that amount of fat mean too much to you?