Time changes to first meal of the day and feel full for longer


(Janette Fowler) #1

Can some one explain this for me please. I’ve been keto about 4/5 years with eating changes and weight gain during lockdown. I’ve started again (and again) this year and found that if I do normal intermittent fasting until 10-11am, eat a good protein/fat meal then I’m satisfied for rest of day with maybe a small snack. If I leave my first meal until 1-2ish (which used to be normal), I want to eat non stop until 6/7pm and feel ravenous during that time. I’m female, 67 and am now losing the extra weight, back in ketosis but I think, still adapting. It shows me that it’s good to change things about but I wonder why this little difference in my fasting should have such noticeable gains?

(Take time to smell the bacon) #2

This is a complete guess, and someone may have a better explanation, but I suspect that your experience is related to our standard advice to eat when hungry, satisfy the hunger, and not to eat again until hungry again. I suspect that going hungry, even for just a few hours, might possibly be signaling to your body that there is a famine going on, and it needs to stock up when it can. Why it should have changed the timing of its need for the first meal of the day, however, is beyond me. Obviously, you should just go with it, even if you never figure out the reason.

I’ve never moved into eating only once a day, but I did stop eating in the morning a couple of years ago. Nevertheless, there are still occasional days when I get hungry before noon. There are also days when I want a lot more food, and (very occasionally, lol!) other days when I don’t feel the need to eat until the evening meal. I read a study once (and unfortunately lost the link) that compared people’s ad libitum food intake with their energy expenditure, and the observation was that appetite during a given twenty-four-hour period was not closely related to energy expenditure during that same period, but that over any given seven- or eight-day period, the match was surprisingly accurate.

Given that the systems involved were developed over two million years and can handle a wide variety of conditions, I have a bias in favour of listening to our body and just giving it what it wants. But that’s just me; other people seem to have a strong need to dominate their body.

(Bob M) #3

I think Paul might be correct.

When I’m eating two meals a day, I usually eat around 10-11am too. I’m not sure why. I do find I can go quite a long time after that without being hungry, at least 8 hours most days. In fact, some days, I think I don’t need dinner.

I do generally eat a close-to-normal meal in the evening, though, as I eat supper with the family. Once I begin eating…I get hungry. It’s perplexing.

My only idea is that my hormones are still “damaged”: even though I probably don’t need to eat as much as I am, whatever causes me to stop eating isn’t working correctly. That, I assume to be hormones, though I could be wrong.


Ages ago I had this when I waited until the evening with my first meal… I was ravenous :smiley: (My normal first meal is around 3pm on most workdays since ages.)
I typically eat when I feel some urge to do so and it usually works, I mean, I am never really hungry let alone ravenous. But I think now I could skip lunch, it wouldn’t be as bad as before, I change and keep changing (and carnivore does strange things to me anyway). I just don’t do it unless I am perfectly satiated at lunchtime, it happens a lot.

My body has more interesting things. Breakfast and tiny meals always made me hungry (right away or soon afterwards), eating very much and too late triggers early hunger the next day and other illogical happenings…
I just accept that it has its quirks and other people have it different…

(Robin) #5

Janette, First of all, I’m also “female, 67”. I can relate. When I was very overweight, I was a night eater. Never hungry till lunch, then dinner, then snacking, grazing till bed. Ugh. Eating later in the day is still sometimes a challenge. But if I see I am gaining, my first area to check is WHEN I am eating. I simply can’t eat after dinner. There are times when I’m tempted, but it’s not worth it and is my slippery slope. Good luck. You got this!

(Laurie) #6

If I wait too long to eat, I feel ravenous too. But I don’t know why.


You put your body into too big of a nutritional need…then it seems like we can’t get enough to fill it up fast enough and that good protein and fat doesn’t have time to hit the mark and make your body feel nourished quickly just yet. Your body is tanking out on ya and wants nutrients NOW and when that signal gets strong, we just eat so much to compensate. Do that earlier meal that suits you best.

I am the same, hitting 60 in a while and I have always been like this…I go too long without that first meal, which is a set time for me…10 -1 is my first meal most days and if I go anywhere past that, boom, I wanna eat and eat and eat :slight_smile: but now being very settled on my plan I know to eat that first meal in my best time frame and I do and have no issues.

(Janette Fowler) #8

Thank you, makes so much sense