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(Jane Reed) #1

Please assist me…when I enter a long thread and want to return to the top of it, in order to begin reading it all over again, how do I do that without scrolling?

Likewise, if I enter a long thread and and want to jump to the end, is scrolling the only way to do it?


Look for the keys “Home” and “End”, they should do what you are asking.

(Brian) #3

when I pull up a long thread, there is a little slider on the right of the discussion that moves as you scroll up and down. There is a date beside it. You can click on that little slider with your mouse and drag it up or down to quickly get you to the beginning or end or where ever you want it to go.

That’s how I do it, anyway. (I’m using Firefox.)

(Doug) #4

Rian’s way works perfectly if you have those functions.

Bellyman’s too:

Change the one on the left to the one on the right.

(Jane Reed) #5

Sorry, gang, I should have added that I have no access to the web with a regular computer, only my phone.

The slider is there but no date and using it is the same as scrolling.

The other method is not available to me either.

(Doug) #6

Do you have a hammer? :wink: