Thread-count thread!

(So much bacon . . . so little time . . .) #1

By my count, as at the time of posting, there are nine separate threads about the study by Seidelmann, Willett, et al. I know it’s popping up on lots of media outlets, but if you see those names on the study, consider posting your comment in one of the existing threads, not creating yet another new one.

Same is true of the article in Business Insider by Karin Michels of Berlin and Harvard. Four threads and counting.

BTW, next January? When U.S. News and World Report publishes its annual article on the world’s worst diets, with LCHF/keto listed as the absolute worst? We’ll only need one thread about that, as well. I believe we were up to about eight, last January.

Any other items you know of that are cropping up in multiple threads, feel free to post them here!