This sounds scary!

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Anybody read this …… ?


Keto is not Atkins, Atkins is not keto. While they may both be low-carb, they are not the same WOE.

" Symptoms of ketosis include general tiredness, abrupt or gradually increasing weakness, dizziness, headaches, confusion, abdominal pain, irritability, nausea and vomiting, sleep problems and bad breath. [ Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine 68(2001): p.761 ]"

Everyone on this board can tell you that ALL of those “symptoms” are BS.

" Harvard studied 75,000 women for a decade and the results suggest that the more whole grains people eat – like brown rice and whole wheat bread – the lower their risk of having a heart attack. [ American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 70 (1999): p.412 ]"

Studies like this infuriate me. People eating more “whole grains” are eating fewer refined grains, so of course they have a lower risk of heart attack! That doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t have an even lower risk if they had chucked the grains entirely.

" In fact there does not seem to be a single major governmental or nonprofit medical, nutrition or science-based organization in the world that supports the Atkins Diet. [ Circulation 104 (2001): p.1869 ]"

Fair enough, we know there are limitations to Atkins. But show me a major governmental or nonprofit medical, nutrition or science-based organization in the world that isn’t owned and influenced by grain and sugar lobbies.

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The WHO sold out to vegan and corporate interests a long time ago. They push epidemiology (studies based on questionaires) as real science and it’s not. Epidemiology is useful for forming a hypothesis but that’s about it. It’s been shown in studies that these types of studies are correct 0-20% of the time.

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I’m pretty smart, but I’m no academic ! I read through that stuff and I was struck by how easy it would be for a lot of people to take this as gospel. By a lot of people, I mean non-academics and people who have not spent some time experimenting with a ketogenic diet. I managed to pick up a few things which just didn’t ring true for me. For example, a ketogenic diet could cause diabetes… ? Well my own experience disproved that ! And his insistence on applying the Laws of Thermodynamics to humans…calories in-calories out. With guidance mostly from this forum I’ve found that it just doesn’t apply. Putting it simply, I’ve noticed that some days I can eat a lot of calories and the next day show a drop in weight, without any exercise. And some other days I see a weight gain having eaten very little the day before.
But what gets me is how convincing his book appears to be. And it gets to the point where he runs down Garry Taube’s work. I’m sure a lot of people, particularly the ones most in need of true guidance, after reading that will be thinking, "OK, just who do we believe here ? This guy seem to be a pretty famous scientific guy, but so does the other one. I’m just confused now, pass the donuts, please "