This site is in READ ONLY MODE...?

(Kathy L) #1

@richard @carl I keep seeing a purple bar on the top of my page that says: This site is in read only mode. Please continue to browse, but replying, likes, and other actions are disabled for now. I am, however, able to reply, like and even start a new topic. Is something wrong?

(Rachel Taylor) #2

I keep seeing that too. Same with me–I can do everything I normally do on the site. I am not sure what the error means unless it is just there by mistake.

(Jessica K) #3

Yeah I’ve gotten this a few times too… seems to be a glitch.

(I like to post memes!) #4

Admins are working on it with the Discourse folks:


I got the banner too but it didn’t affect what I can do. Richard has taken it up with Discourse but I am thinking it is simply a message coming up in error. I wouldn’t worry about it.