Think I’m out of ketosis

(Scott) #21

I do <50g and it suits me well. I think I drift in and out of ketosis and that’s okay. I still lose weight and feel good. It seems to get better with exercise, 8 pounds to go! This is a do what feels good and works for you plan but if it is not working I would change it up.

(Summer) #22


I think that I’m doing about 30 and NOT in ketosis.

(Complete legend) #23

Which is why 20 is suggested.

(Khara) #24

Sounds like tracking for a while would give you some needed information and learning time. Stick to 20g. Track just carbs and see how things go. We really can’t troubleshoot if we don’t know what’s really being consumed.

(Scott) #25

I don’t get real cought up in the math of this WOE. The reason I settled on <50g is I like to drink wine with dinner. I guess the term LCHF is more what I do but I am getting the results I like. I have just noticed that I am “tasting” ketosis again after I increased my running miles to 30+ a week so I think I drift in and out of actual ketosis. I am in week two of adding more cardio and adding strength training as an experiment to see what happens to my weight and belly fat. If I don’t get results I may need to curtail scotch and wine drinking.