Thigh fat feeling soft

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Hi There,

I have been told by a friend that follows this WOE, that her thighs are feeling soft compared to normal.

Would anyone have some thoughts on why.

My thinking is that the fat is slow becoming less resistant being used and transforming. Would love to know the specifics behind it.




I don’t know about what sort of specifics you are looking for, but keto helped me with smoother skin (blemish free, more youthful appearance), and fasting provided me an even more smoother skin. Fasting also helps me reduce loose skin (that appears after losing weight, through process of autophagy), and reduce cellulite as well on legs/thigh/butt.

This is my experience…not sure what occurs in general with others.

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That’s excellent thanks for sharing

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The fat cells are shrinking. When they were swelled up they had the skin “stretched” make the thighs feel tight. As the fat cells deflate the skin becomes looser. In most cases over time the skin will shrink.

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It is called, aptly, “squishy fat” by some - it is caused by fat cells emptying and temporarily filling with water giving it a “jello” type feeling, and a dimply appearance. Here’s an article that I first read on the topic.

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Lyle knows his stuff. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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My loose skin is squishy. I have the same size upper thighs as I did 70 lbs when I’m sitting. I use good compression wear and smartly designed slacks during the day to manage

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Both are good but emphasise the weights. A bit of HIIT is good but too much cardio can be counterproductive to muscle building.

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What happened to the post you replied to?

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No idea - If I hadn’t quoted it I’d think I’d imagined it :sweat_smile:

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