The word DIET

(suzanna) #1

I woke up thinking about the word “diet”.
It’s a negative word in our culture.
Silly as it simply means what you eat. As in,
“My dog eats a diet of Costco grain free dry food"
In our society it usually means a temporary quick fix.
Almost always started to lose weight. As in,
“I’m on a diet"
But, when one has a health issue, say gluten intolerance, or a lactose allergy or diabetes we say
"I’m gluten free” or
"I’m lactose intolerant” or
"I’m diabetic"
Not, “I’m on a diet” but we are all “on a diet”!
I’m going to a Mediterranean potluck tonight.
There will be folks I haven’t seen before starting keto.
They won’t notice a weight loss (only 5 pounds)
There will be foods I won’t eat.
Inevitably there will be some “splaining” to do.
I’m making moussaka and Greek salad, I’ll eat well!
My gluten allergy takes care of filo dough avoidance.
No one will question why I’m avoiding baklava or spanakopita or couscous salad.
But, they’ll wonder why I’m not having soup with rice, or that falaphal they made gluten free just for me.
The word “diet” will not be mentioned by me!
I’ll say instead that I eating the keto way.
)And I feel great! And I’m not hungry.
And I’ll share info if anyone is interested.)
Open to suggestions fellow ketonians!

(Guardian of the bacon) #2

Well said

I’ve stated many times here and on :nofb: that KETO should not be used as a “Diet” or a quick weight loss method. It should be considered a life style change and a new WOE.

(Luke Jeffery) #3

I refuse to call it anything but my diet. I can’t stand WOE or WOL. We need to take diet back and use it as it is meant to be used.

(Genevieve Biggs) #4

Exactly! The word Diet comes from a Greek word for lifestyle. Diet means “way of living,” but it’s been perverted by usage. Proudly use the word diet!! Reclaim it!

(Genevieve Biggs) #5


I tend to say diet - as in way of eating. Hopefully, after a while diet will just mean diet again.