"The truth about carbs" - an article claiming glucose and fructose are necessary for optimum health. Anyone with more knowledge of biology able to translate this for me?

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I like that… Going to use it…

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Would that the same as ‘Used Vegetarian’?


Any carnivore will FIND any friggin’ reason to add back sugar LOL

I dunno how this works for anyone else, but when I get a serious craving for carbs (beer!!) that’s almost always a sign I haven’t been eating enough fat

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The thyroid is a difficult one. I’ve been keto 7+ years and my thyroid seems fine. But delving into the test results is difficult. Just do a search for thyroid and test results, and you’ll find ideas about what’s “healthy” that are dramatically different. And there’s (always) the issue that’s what’s “healthy” for someone eating high carb may not be the same for people eating low carb for years, and of course there are no studies on the latter.

@TwoFlower68 Did you say “beer”? I used to love beer. I now think it’s the most obesogenic “food” on the planet, for me anyway. I will have a beer, but more like 1 time/year or even less. It’s like ice cream for me: I prefer to have it out and only order one. Bring home a 6 pack (or a quart of ice cream), and it’s gone.


Nope, it’s like a small bag of chip. A whole beer isn’t that minimal.
You described me. I easily drink a shot of beer, maybe two and that’s it. If I drink vodka, that’s usual 10-15ml, sometimes less. The same with a sweet wine.
Way before keto I drank whole bottles of beers sometimes and in extreme situation even a few a day but I drank occasionally. Alcohol is insanely low calorie to me, it’s barely anything per year - and when I still drank a whole beer, I skipped a whole meal so alcohol never harmed my (almost a bit full) figure…

By the way, one can learn a lot. I easily eat ONE peanut. And I am kind of addicted to it… But if I am determined and remember they aren’t good to me, I can eat zero or one. Not always, obviously but it’s not THAT hard.
But I try to skip most problematic/addictive/triggering food items. I just realized I can eat a tiny amount of certain things I just don’t want to skip for good. It’s very individual and change for the same person.

I like my ice cream but it’s very odd to me how others are able to eat huge amounts. My most usual amount I make is 180ml, it’s plenty for two, we even leave some if we are careful. It’s not a main dish, it’s a dessert (and not cake. I am actually familiar with eating 20-30 smallish slices of cake in one sitting. I occasionally did it until a few years ago). If I wanted a pint of ice cream, I would suspect addiction and wrong ingredients. My ice cream is full with protein and fat, it’s dense so the ideal amount isn’t big. I probably could eat much more but I don’t need to do that, I have my proper big meal with a smallish portion of ice cream and it’s just perfect.

I don’t want to know how much I could eat from things like whipped cream… :slight_smile: That doesn’t produce a normal stop sign for me as it hasn’t the protein content for it. And it’s fluffy and nice. I probably could eat very much of it. And it would be very wrong, not what my body needs.
But I don’t skip cream (whipped or not) or sour cream, they are too good :smiley: I just learned to use only the necessary amounts or just a wee bit more :wink:

:thinking: :thinking:
I am sure we rarely should think so very deep :smiley:

Fortunately there are macros too… I don’t often drink milk on carnivore either. Honey is 80% sugar, meat seems quite different to me :wink:
But yes, nearly everything comes from plants…
I am not very familiar with food chains starting with chemicals and tiny living beings eating them but it’s not important for the human diet.

When I was a beginner ketoer, my mind got ideas when hungry… I didn’t want the carbs but my mind still helpfully provided the info about their existence, taste and availability. I think it’s quite logical hunger does that.

If I really crave carbs, it means I need carbs, as far as I can tell. I had that as a beginner ketoer, now I need extreme circumstances and stubbornly ignoring my body’s cues and warnings, my own knowledge and common sense… It’s really hard for me to mess with my balance in a way where carbs may help (but maybe it was something else that came with the carbs). My body is all for carnivore, it’s my other parts straying away for usually not good enough reasons… One day I will learn. But I don’t crave carbs. At least I have this right.

Very true. I always feel very uncertain when I read or hear “healthy”. It says very little. It’s not informative and it’s almost always very much not true for me… What is healthy for someone isn’t healthy for me. At least I am quite stable about what is good for me, there are changes and my body gives me better warnings and nudges - but carbs in abundance weren’t ever healthy for me, not even in my high-carb decades, I just had no idea I could do better. It felt good enough.

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But that’s because you know about them.

Our pre-agricultural ancestors would not have craved carbs, because they didn’t know what they were…

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I must really need alcohol, then! It’s only been 28 years, 9 months, and 18 days since my last drink, but who’s counting?