The Non-Scale Victories Just Keep On Coming!

(Ron D. Garrett) #1

Go Cowboys!!! Roll Tide!!! War Eagle!!! Finally cleaned out the closet (the shirt side) getting rid of ALL of the shirts 3X or above and ANY that are worn or torn that I didn’t want for workout shirts. The first shirt my MIL gave me a long time ago because she knew that I was a big Cowboys fan and even bigger Emmit Smith fan. I had NEVER been able to wear this shirt even when I was less than 260 lbs yet now I’m around 270 and it fits loose :joy:. The next shirt of course is the only remaining Bama polo shirt I that have and it still looks new because after wearing it once or twice I got sick and did t wear it for two years and when I started keto back last November I could barely get it over my shoulders but now I can wear it. The last one is the Auburn shirt that my Roll Tide daughter got me for Christmas 2016 that I NEVER could wear so it’s basically brand new. She got it for me because my God Son @austintrox Austin Troxell plays for Auburn and I’ll be going to games to watch him play. Lastly, for all of you yappers who will undoubtedly yap about me supporting both Alabama and Auburn know that #1 football is NOT my God (so it’s not that serious to me even though I am passionate about it…more passionate for Nesus though) and though I will always be Roll Tide I have Austin and other kids that I’ve been blessed to support at Madison Academy @kerryon.johnson.auburn @leek_32) and other local schools who play or have played for Auburn so I WILL support BOTH schools AND since I’m from Texas I get a pass on this anyway :joy:. Point here is that this made my day and I need non-scale victories like this since I can’t get my grind on in the gym for another 10 weeks :joy: so I’m thankful for the smaller (pun intended) things! #RonBigBlackGarrett

(TJ Borden) #2

Well, I used to think you were cool. GO SEAHAWKS!!! :joy::joy:

(Jane) #3

Me too!!! (j/k - you are waaaay cool!)

Go Texans!!! (And miss my Oilers!!!). And Gig ‘Em Aggies!!!


I would give anything to have my Columbia Blue Oilers Earl Campbell jersey back!!! I could wear it now and gave it away years ago because I never thought I’d fit into it again. :cry:

(Jane) #4

I still have my Luv Ya Blue handkerchief I got at the Astrodome back in 1978 at a game there…

I was 19 and the drinking age was 18 then. I went to the game with my Dad and had so much fun drinking beer with him and watching Earl Campbell tear it up!

Good times…

(Raj Seth) #5

My SO’s family is from AL. So roll tide and War Eagle have a special place in my psyche

(Ron D. Garrett) #6


(Ron D. Garrett) #7

Good times indeed. Fun fact. Earl used to try to date my mom in high school but she didn’t like him :joy:. I’m still mad at her because Earl could have been my daddy!! :joy:

(Todd Gamel) #8

Awesome job Ron!

(Jane) #9

Oh NOOO!!!

My Mom grew up in Mt Plleasant and briefly dated Don Meridith’s older brother Billy Jack when she was in high school.

She said Don used to spy on them and was a brat!


Awesome! I pulled some shirts out of the closet a few days ago that had been too small to wear, but now fit properly, except for one which is too loose (bend over and you can see down my top!). Always nice to be able to fit back into clothes; it’s like shopping except it’s free!

(Jane) #11

I love shopping in my own closet!!!

(Brian) #12

Way to go, Ron!

Glad you kept all of those as you outgrew them. I wish I had kept more but still do have a few things that I’m able to wear now. Most of them are getting too big for me, though… (good problem to have).

Thanks for the inspiration and the positive posts. We appreciate them.


(Ron D. Garrett) #13

Thank you

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(Ron D. Garrett) #16

Thank you!

(Barbara Sarnecka) #17

Congratulations, Ron! You look great.

(Ron D. Garrett) #18

Thank you!