The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse


So excited! My new cookbook just arrived! Naturally, I’m in the midst of a fast but this will plan a great refeed!
Keep calm and keto on!

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@Callay what book?

(Jane Reed) #3

What does the author recommend that’s different from very clean keto?

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Good question!


Oh duh! Lol The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse by Maria Emmerich. Wish I’d been able to offer editorial advice as the beginning is super redundant and she isn’t including her qualifications, but I’m still excited! There’s a section on recipes for personal care I’m hopping to after all this intro detail :nerd_face:


Since it’s coming from Maria Emmerich, I’ll guess nothing in particular but for extreme newbies with no science background or even sense to shop properly, she covers that. I was mostly interested in the skin care and some of the recipes I heard about (like bacon marmalade!)

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Yes, I love Maria’s recipes! Enjoy!

(carl) #8

I love this cookbook. GREAT photos, too!

(Susan Stimson) #9

I looked through it at Barnes and Noble yesterday! I didn’t have it in the budget this week but will be buying it next paycheck. Looks fantastic!!!