That "Ketones" episode!

(Jennie) #1

I am giggling to myself because I kept going back over that info again and again and again…
Apparently I struggle to understand technical stuff, no matter how good you guys are at explaining it. But I think I finally got it! Ketones, glucogon, gluconeogenesis, the function of the liver, and the way your body adjusts to using ketones for fuel.
No big deal, kinda.
It dawns on me that the more we understand the science behind the functions, the better we are at helping others understand it too!
Again, good job dudes on taking something that is waaaay above my pay grade and breaking it into pieces I can wrap my head around!
Thanks! :smiley:


And that was the short answer. :wink:

@richard has a knack for explaining things with only the necessary amount of funny-looking long words.

(softail925) #3

I always appreciate the great analogies, as well!

(Richard Morris) #4

Good on ya for keeping struggling with it.

Best way to learn about something I find is to teach it to someone else :slight_smile: