Thank you!

(Jenn W) #1

Just crossed over from the land of FB!
Before I get past ankle deep in here I wanted to drop a big thank you to everyone here!

First to the dudes! You guys are the first podcast I found about the Ketogenic life. Haven’t stopped listening since finding you. Your stories and tidbits have kept me going strong since July. If I could hug you I would!

Admins! Thank you for your time and efforts put forth! The hot mess clean ups on FB and just keeping things real for us!

Members! Everyone here has shared progress both good and bad. All of us are on this path together and have different goals and reasons but somehow we are all a tribe, family, fellow humans 2.0! Thank you for just being a part of my and other success stories!

Thank you!!
Now, let’s Keto On!

(bulkbiker) #2

That’s a great post I would like also to thank everyone who makes this place as well as the FB page a good place to be.
Richard and Carl and the mods especially. You educate in a fun enlightened way and introduce us to new topics in the podcasts.
Hope you and your familys have a great Christmas and 2017.

(Lucrecia) #3

Love this. Love all of you. So grateful to the Dudes and the Admins… so grateful for this life saving information and this awesome technology that allows for easy dissemination. Looking forward to learning more… love and ketones to all of you!

(Jacquie) #5

Hey, Lu, great to see you here! :grinning:

(Jake P) #6

I agree, Thank you to all who work so hard on this. Though I am new to the group it was almost impossible to keep up on the Facebook group.

This new platform is great.

(Jennie) #7

Oh yes, I’ll jump in on this for sure!
Podcasts became a huge way for me to keep sane months ago and when I discovered the dudes it BLEW MY MIND. Huge source of info and encouragement, and I just can’t thank the dudes and the admins enough. Not to mention those who’ve jumped in on the show to share their knowledge and stories.
This community is a gift. I’m grateful for it beyond what I can share. And I know I’m not alone in the sentiment. ^^^Clearly.

(Lucrecia) #8

Likewise sister! xx


Yes agree Thankyou for this forum and all the hard work the admin do…
Looking around and all seems fab, years ago I was on a forum similar style and was so much better than Facebook, you can find things…:grin::+1: