Thank You 🙏


I wanted to thank the people who answered my question and gave me advice about the Lugols iodine and magnesium. Also thankful for threads I read here on calcium too.
I’m thrilled to report after only a week of using 3 drops of Lugols daily. I’m no longer freezing cold all day! My feet and hands are now toasty warm all day. No more chilly feeling in my body either. My energy level has also increased. I’m sleeping better as well.
Thanks to the ones who advised on finding a magnesium that I could take without diarrhea. I’m now taking Magnesium Glycinate 100mg a day for 2 weeks and no tummy problems at all. My legs are less painful now and I’m sure they will continue to improve.
Thanks to the threads on calcium. I do believe my calcium was low and I’m taking the petite calcium tablets once a day. I think it’s helping me too as my back is feeling much better.
I appreciate this forum very much! Thanks to everyone that replied to my post! :pray::pray::heart:

(Susan) #2

I am so pleased for you @Lotus_Lane that the advice you were given by the wonderful people here helped you figure it all out. I didn’t know the answers so I didn’t have any solutions personally; but, I am happy for you that you are doing well with it all now.