Thank you so much for all your help


I really appreciate all the kind, and a bit of snarky, help I have gotten here, but I’ve decided that keto in and of itself is not for me. I started it for the wrong reasons, to lose weight fast, but evidently, that isn’t working for me at my age, so I’m going to try the Keto Mediterranean WOE and exercise.

I’ve cut out sugar, grains, dairy, and eaten piles of fat, and it only makes my health issues worse without weight loss or making my belly any smaller (which my doctor says is my problem), so this just isn’t working. I know people will say I am giving up too soon, but you have no idea of the pain this diet has caused me.

As many of you have said, everyone is different, and what works for one may not work for another. I implore you who are dedicated 100% to this lifestyle to try to remember that and not post such “You are wrong, we are right” type answers to people struggling to find a way to just feel better.

Goodbye. This is a great forum. Keep up the good work.

(Bob M) #2

You don’t have to eat piles of fat. You can do keto without that.

While I think keto with high fat can have benefits, particularly for some, I think we need to banish “macros”. Please. I think the keto world would be better off without this word. Some people do perfectly well without eating a lot of fat.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #3

Cutting out sugar, grains, and starches cannot fail to be good for you. If cutting out dairy helps, that’s great, too. One of the misunderstandings that people often arrive with is that fat needs to be consumed in great quantities; it does not. To replace the caloric value of 300 g of carbohydrate only takes 133 g of fat, since fat is a lot denser in terms of its caloric content. Also, Dr. Phinney points out that eating quantities of vegetable oils can be unpleasant, because of their high polyunsaturated fat content. He recommends fats that have much more saturated and monounsaturated fat, such as butter/ghee, lard, tallow, and olive oil.


I think that too… Especially the sugar.

It’s very much possible the keto style was wrong. I surely would feel horrible on some even if they work wonderfully for others. We need our own style.
But it’s possible keto isn’t for someone, sure. I just would be wary about blaming keto in general before I checked and I am very sure that I NEED more carbs. Or something else I couldn’t get without carbs because my keto is super restricted for some reason.

Fat… Some of us shouldn’t raise it when going lower-carb (me) but often (probably typically) it’s not the case. But even then, it matters what kind of fat is that and how.
Just adding a bunch of butter and lard to some meat, I would hate that and I actually can do carnivore for a while (my first carni week was pretty low-carb for me as I got nauseous without the volume of my veggies, they diluted the fat - but I got used to it)! It’s different when it’s in my eggs. Or the mentioned thing, when I ate not very fatty food but as it was vegs and fat, the vast majority of the calories came from fat. Nuts are different too, people eat them easily even the same fat percentage in meat would be icky for them.
But it’s fine to keep the fat lower for a while or if it’s not too low to get enough energy, even longer term. I surely wouldn’t, couldn’t do the popular 70 or 75% fat ratio! It’s way too high. (I actually could do it, I would merely seriously overeat. but I probably would find it too fatty unless I would focus on my few extremely fatty favorites I can eat without problem).
I get PLENTY of (still too much) fat from my protein sources. And I shouldn’t go for the fattiest cuts either. Dairy should be little. And I still eat much! Most of us so don’t need plenty of extra fat!

I just want to say that just because one style of keto doesn’t work immediately, keto in general may be not right to be dismissed. I can’t possibly know if keto is a bad idea in this case. And even if there is a good style, finding it while being in pain, no. So if there is a better alternative, go for it. And maybe keto will be possible later. Or unneeded and forgotten. I can’t possibly know but I am very big on “each to their own”! :slight_smile: And that we can’t possibly know what works for someone else. We just have some infos, experiences and thoughts to offer, we may help at pointing out optional flaws but knowledge about the individual factor and the decision is for the one in question, obviously. Shame on everyone who think there is One True Way and that works for everyone. It’s not like that.